Monday, August 2, 2010

Comparing Notes

“Hello, we’re planning a get together. Come along. We can relive the good old times”, boomed Mr. Achuthan from the other end.

“Why not? Who else is coming”, asked Dad.

“Oh! The Menons, the Arvindakshans, the Nalinakshans, The Sudhakarans and the Surendrans.”

“ And Hemachandran?”

“ No. His mother in law is not doing fine.”

“Let me call him up”

Before I go further, this presumed get together was for some retired fellows most of them free with kids married and settled in far off places within India or in some foreign country.

“ Hello, Hemachandran? Ah! Why are you not coming over for the get together? You ask your brother in law to manage for a day, no?”

“Eeek! Should one bother?”

“Bother about what?”

“ What can we do? A pack of oldies who can’t drink or smoke or eat their fill? Compare notes on how much sugar one has or pressure? Or talk about the pains and aches? Iam not coming!”

Dad broke out laughing.


  1. LOL :D
    How true... and also telling the same story a hundred times!! :P

  2. Popular posts on popular demand? Nevertheless, had fun reading it all over again :)

  3. Lol.. :D I know the kind. My granny discusses her pains and discusses with other oldies (when they come home) like we discuss about movies and sports! :D

  4. Hahahaha. How nice. Comparing notes indeed!!

    so they do have some kind of a calorie meter? :-P

  5. Brought to my mind the memories of an old Malayalam cinema..

  6. ha ha thats called a good sense of humour :)

  7. Shilpa Garg
    Reliving good times:)

    Destiny's child
    Knew you would remember:)

    Anil Kurup
    Just how different people see the same thing

    Topics change with years

    Calorie meter for the thirties ot he sixty five plus. They know by then thatit is another useless gadget:)

    Malayalam cinema spoke of Malayalis then

    A New Beginning
    Dad's circle of friends are fun folk

  8. can emphatisize:)

    but its not the talk, its the process i guess.

  9. WE are all going to get there sooner then later :) so watch out he he he
    but true THis happens to me when i go back to india all the friends of my dad or family want to call me over for dinner or tea and OH BOY.. in one word..BORING...

  10. wise donkey

    Tea or dinner with Dad's circle is fun!

    Lazy Pineapple

  11. hahaha its a trend... old people discuss their aches and surgeries they had :P

  12. Rajlakshmi
    And they always seem to have an endless variety of them.

  13. Lol:) is so true..but then so are the young wives, I never go out in the evening to the group where all the young mothers talk about their kids only or their school...

  14. Shesha Chaturvedi
    Till we get there:D

    True. Birds of same feather flock together:)

  15. Now thinking about myself reaching that stage!

  16. ah! I remember this story! made me laugh once again :-)

  17. My mom in law worries about everything and complains that she cannot sleep because of tension. If there is nothing to worry about she worries about in how come things are ok!! So guess with age the favourite topic is illness, pains and worries

  18. Scarlet pimpernel
    Hmm..needs some thinking

    Novice Writer
    Long time, no see. Ah, you remembered.

    We will be none better:)