Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lessons from a seven year old

Q March is the ………month of the year.
A. Tenth( He is born in May)
Lesson: Think different

Q Spell empty
Lesson: Go to phonetics class

Q. Why have you written tail for picture of fish?
A. Look, the tail is bigger.
Lesson: Believe what you see

Q. Why haven’t you coloured the whole grass green?
A. That cow ate some of it.
Lesson: The past is always there

Q. Why have you written dense mountain?
A You taught me the new word dense as in dense forest, remember?
Lesson: Try innovation

Q. Why should I buy you two comics?
A. Becoz cousin got two
Q. But have you got same grades as he has? He has all A and A+.
A. So what, I have A+, A, B+, B and even C
Lesson: Don’t argue with a 7 year old

Sunday, March 14, 2010


How longer sanity
Insanity I wish Thee
Come to my rescue
As I need to flee

Belief and confidence at the nadir
I’m becoming more skeptical by the day
I wish I smiled from heart
Can’t take trust breached again

I wish to smile
To speak, to share thoughts
Can you help today
Or is it again nay say

If the cord with present broke
And they called me mad
Left me alone
In a world that is mine

Ye, Gods
I look to the Heavens above
And beseech your favour
For life to bloom again.

Guesses on what might have caused the lines are welcome

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Girl to Woman

As little girls, they want to grow hair long. Once they grow, they want it short.

As girls, they like coochi cooing and holding babies. Once they become mothers, they want others to hold the baby.

As little girls, they want to wear what mama wears at parties, sarees, ethnic wear and stuff, at teenage they want to wear what brothers wear and finally end up wearing Jeans with ethnic tops.

At teenage, they think “why do these women go to beauty parlours’, by twenties they frequent at least four times a year and by thirties, they go every month.

At 15, always ready to call someone in early thirties aunty, they are shocked when called same at 30.

As girls they join the family to criticize mom’s cooking and when their turn comes start fuming about it. And miss their mom’s cooking.

When young and before marriage, they adjust real well anywhere. Then something just changes. At their parents’ home they are always complaining.

And at 15 most have a beautiful kamar ( a beautiful waistline), by 40 most have it as big as a kamara(room)

And through life, they always say, “Actually Papa/bhaiyya/ mummy/ didi/ boss/senior/woh/ beta/beti told me not to” about things they don’t want to do.