Sunday, March 14, 2010


How longer sanity
Insanity I wish Thee
Come to my rescue
As I need to flee

Belief and confidence at the nadir
I’m becoming more skeptical by the day
I wish I smiled from heart
Can’t take trust breached again

I wish to smile
To speak, to share thoughts
Can you help today
Or is it again nay say

If the cord with present broke
And they called me mad
Left me alone
In a world that is mine

Ye, Gods
I look to the Heavens above
And beseech your favour
For life to bloom again.

Guesses on what might have caused the lines are welcome


  1. Well Written.. and if you feeling a bit down.. dont worry .. tomorrow is a new day..

    I dont know what could have brought the lines on.. But whatever it is Hope life is blooming again.. Soon

    Take care

  2. hey .. very unlike of you...!!!

    any waysss.. could not guess that, but i can wish you the whole power to come out of it in flying colours...:)

    Take care...:)

  3. I am aware. And I want to throttle u for it. :X
    Well...not for the whole thing...but partly, yes.... :|

    About the poem, I already told you. I am hatless. So, nothing to throw this time :D

  4. nice guess work is really pathetic..I might end up guessing something totally I will wait for your answer (if at all you wanna give one) :D

    till then, take care buddy.. :)

  5. life is not blooming presently?..poetry will resolve it!

  6. Hang in there Lama..

    I can never guess, coz I'm pretty bad at it :( I just wish you the best and I hope you feel better, soon :)

  7. Beautiful words straight from the heart...sometimes insanity looks like a better option, since in this sane world we are bound to do what ppl expect us to...and sometimes that can really be suffocating..

  8. cant guess..but sometimes heart breaks or naysayers are also necessary to keep us sane..take care and tomorrow is always another day..better day.

  9. Bikram
    Glad you liked it. And thanks for the wish

    Being Promoda
    You flew in to wish me good. How sweet.

    Destinys Child
    I buy you another hat soon;)

    Unseen Rajasthan
    Happy to win an admirer

    You should have guessed

    May it soon

    Send me some flowers

    A New beginning
    You seem to have gone through a similar phase.

    Welcome back after long time.

  10. I cant guess what made you write it ,

    But whatever it is , that too , will pass.

    Hang in there!

  11. Good one..may god bless you and enable your life to bloom again :)

  12. Ohhh...beautiful...!!

    That was truly straight from the heart...I cud feel the emotions...

    Keep writing Lama!!:)

  13. Gymnast
    Am trying my level best.

    Send some of your ghosts to help out:)

    Jaunty Anima
    I just read your post and was short of right words to praise. Thanks for the perking up comment.

  14. I don't know what's bogging you down so much. Well, I almost know, but don't know how I can make you feel better. I've just got a small perk-up chant for you (I'm sure 'Lama' doesn't need it coz you're the centre of all the fun), however here goes...Let's chant together "Aal is well" breathe-in, breathe-out. One more time "Aal is well" breathe-in, breathe-out. Again "Aal is well" breathe-in, breathe-out. Say it a hundred times, still don't feel better, a thousand times...u there? Where were we??

  15. Oh you are down!! I understand. It happens but dont worry this too shall pass. Cheer up!! :-)

  16. Beautifully written but i wish the reason which made you write this vanish away very soon.Bhagwaan hamaare doston ko bahut khush rakhe.Amen !!

  17. RGB
    I tried and failed.

    Have been hoping so

    May what you wished come true

  18. As long as you can keep writing beautiful lines, you will be okay. It tears the tear out of tearful and leaves you with ful(l). I hope that whatever is bothering you hightails it outta there. Good wishes coming your way!

  19. Hey why are you so down? Don't be, Ok? Please don't...

  20. walk2write
    Thank You. I need lots of good wishes to put things right around here.:)

    Novice Writer
    Maybe sensitivity is a bad quality to have.