Sunday, March 7, 2010

Girl to Woman

As little girls, they want to grow hair long. Once they grow, they want it short.

As girls, they like coochi cooing and holding babies. Once they become mothers, they want others to hold the baby.

As little girls, they want to wear what mama wears at parties, sarees, ethnic wear and stuff, at teenage they want to wear what brothers wear and finally end up wearing Jeans with ethnic tops.

At teenage, they think “why do these women go to beauty parlours’, by twenties they frequent at least four times a year and by thirties, they go every month.

At 15, always ready to call someone in early thirties aunty, they are shocked when called same at 30.

As girls they join the family to criticize mom’s cooking and when their turn comes start fuming about it. And miss their mom’s cooking.

When young and before marriage, they adjust real well anywhere. Then something just changes. At their parents’ home they are always complaining.

And at 15 most have a beautiful kamar ( a beautiful waistline), by 40 most have it as big as a kamara(room)

And through life, they always say, “Actually Papa/bhaiyya/ mummy/ didi/ boss/senior/woh/ beta/beti told me not to” about things they don’t want to do.


  1. :D Perfect for the international women's day! And applies to all women. Internationally! :D Still loling about the kamara part.

    Let's begin the celebration by laughing at ourselves for once! Loved it :)

    And yeah, a very happy women's day to you dear Lama :)

  2. Lol!!

    This is just so right!! But one thing never changes from childhood until old age about women. They always stare at fellow women's dress and jewelry :-D

  3. veryyyyy beautiful post..what to say..I just love evrypoint and agree..nod my head:)...At 15, always ready to call someone in early thirties aunty, they are shocked when called same at 30...LOL:)

  4. May I say I am disappointed by this post? Holy Lama...I thought Lam's search for the truth. The truth that takes sentient beings away from generalizations...This is one of the most insipid things I have heard about being a woman! Where are you going really?
    Not all women have a kamar at 14 and kamara at 40!(and hows that true only for women>? dont men get paunches?) Not all women mind being called aunties! Not all women love babies and hate them when they have their own! Please please please meet some real women! :)

  5. Destiny's Child
    You are a dear:)

    And what about the dress the other customer has almost selected at the shop. I just want those.

    You know it best

    Cool down. Call the fire brigade. My dear girl, it is just a light post. Exceptions galore in different combinations. A couple of posts earlier, I pulled the male leg too.

  6. Sorry, it is over exaggerated.
    These days there are more women who are not like what you have described.

  7. Happy Women's day to you!! We are what we are and happily so!

  8. Women's day wishes to you !


  9. now this was the most amazing post on women's day that I have read so far...too good..loved ur observations :)

    happy women's day..

    I have written one too on my other blog..check it out if you have time :)

  10. Excellent, i was expecting for such an article from you as u had already narrated the changes occur while a boy matures to man..
    And this was actually suiting for the woman's day

  11. Hahahahahaha... lovely! :D
    Thoroughly yanjaaayed it.
    I laughed my guts out when I read about kamar. :D

  12. :) Thats a very sweet post! A very happy womns day to you KK!!

  13. BK Chowlaji
    Exaggeration as in caricature brings the laughs and I seek happiness for maximum readers.:)

    That's the spirit.

    Thanks for the wishes

    Another angle to the celebrations.

    Thank You.

    Actually when celebrate these commemorative days, we leave out the lighter part of life. Happy to note you yanjaayed it.

    A New Beginning
    Sana, to you too.:)

  14. Haha ...good one..A very well compiled post

  15. hahahah whatte fine whatte fine :)

    Its good laugh at ourselves innit. life would be extremely boring otherwise.
    happy women's day :)

  16. Have you noticed that when we were children we always criticized our mothers parenting techniques but when we became mothers we behaved exactly the same?

  17. Anish
    Enjoy the laughs.

    Join the gang

    A laugh once in a while is OK

    Ekjactly. And so on and so forth.

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed the post...giggles and more giggles.Cheers to you dear LM .

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  20. Kavita
    Happy that you loved the giggle ride.:)

  21. Your observations are so true and so witty! Lol! :-)

  22. Kamar - Kamara...hmmm that's a good one! And the rest of it too. Enjoyed the take on girl-woman. And mind you, I'm the ageless eh...shud I say girl, woman or lady?!

  23. Long live, all the women in the world, and their near and dear ones! :) :)

  24. good food for thought..nice observation!!
    even i had written something on similar lines, currently saved in the drafts folder. will post it sometime later.
    an addition to it:
    when a girl, we wonder why do women hide their ages.
    as woman, uhmm every age is in 20s, 30s or 40s..

  25. Pratik Gupta

    There, you almost revealed yourself.

    Ya, ya. Let's march this March

    Wishes Galore
    True true. And waiting for you to post.