Sunday, February 28, 2010

Always leads to another

“A visit to the dentist always leads to another,” friends had warned.
And here I was for my second visit a few days later. As my readers might remember I was sent off on a mission to get my X-rays washed. That mission was accomplished with the help of two cute nurses and the dentist had cleaned and done the first part of RCT that day itself.

So, the next Wednesday, I slipped out of office by 12.30p.m.This time, I knew the procedure. Walk straight to the room and knock. No response. I discover the door is locked. A passing nurse asked me to wait. The dentist had gone for an early lunch.
Twenty minutes later, I see the dentist walking up the stairs.

“Come on in,” she led me into the consulting room and directed me to that chair.
“Where’s the X-ray?”, she asked the nurse. “How may missed calls?”, she continued to the nurse who plugging the doc’s mobile to charge.

“Antony chetan had called”
“Oh no!, Hope he is not coming back today. Such a dumbhead”
“ Another number…”and she read out mine.
“ Mine” , I volunteered.
“ We’ll need the red, yellow and white”
“The white is the last box we have”

The last two exchanges sounded Greek.
Then she put the X-ray on a stand and asked me open up wide.
The she took something that looked like a drill and compared the length of root. She went on yapping away.

“Yesterday it was Ann’s fancy dress competition. She was dressed like Sakuntala and did she act well. She lay down on the stage writing a letter to the king.. And they asked her to clear off because she overstayed in the position. Boy, was she angry that she could not pluck the thorn off her foot. She had rehearsed it so well”. ( Ann was the doc’s little 4yr old and a regular brat)

“ Where did you get the dress from?”, asked the nurse.
“From that lending place near the railway bridge”
“ And where was your husband then?”
“Oh! Him. He had taken mummy to the ayurveda therapist for a chavitti thirumbu(massage by feet on back)”
“ The scooter accident last month”
“Owww” said I
“ What is it- pain or that funny feel”
“ Funny feel”
“It’s OK. Spit”
“Keep the suction ready”
“ Ah. Where was I? Isn’t it funny that you pay some one to get kicks on back?”, she continued”

Knock. Knock
The nurse moved to the door and opened it.
“ Oh1 Antony chetan”
Doc spins around all smiles. “ What is it?”
“ You said you liked the wallpaper on my mobile. I remembered it half way home. Give me your mobile. I will download it for you.”

This conversation helped me immensely. My jaw dropped and it made working inside easier for doc.

Antony chetan downloaded and went back a happy man, having done his duties.
“ What does he do for a living? Seems like having no job other than rushing squirrels up the trees.”, said she returning to wide open mouth.

Dentist: “Just check if that woman is there. I asked her to have lunch and she said she had carrot juice. Hope she hasn’t swooned”

Nurse peeks out and nods affirmatively. And adds,” she is lying down on the bench”

“Hand me the white ones”, and she pushed that thin conical thing into my cavity.
“ Red, yellow, white again.” This went on for a while. Then they switched of the fan.
“ There, now you have a nice broom inside your mouth to keep it clean” And she showed me the inside of mouth in a mirror. And indeed, the whole box of those things were in my mouth.

And now we burn the extra end off and she put on the mask. Fumes came out my mouth. I forgot to breathe. I shut my eyes. My mouth is on fire.

“Now close you mouth. Perfect. Ok. Done”

A visit to the dentist isn’t that bad after all with all that free entertainment.
On my way out, I saw the frail woman on the bench. I knew she will be alright with this doc and nonstop entertainment.


  1. Antony chettan definitely sounds like one interesting character. Imagine, coming there to upload a wall paper on her mobile! May be one of her admirers...afterall, dentists who are not out to scare you are hard to find. This one not only cured your ailing tooth but also gave you non-stop entertainment! :D

  2. look, i mean this in a funny way. no offence what so ever to any decent specially abled guy who do their job perfectly.

    "last time i went to the dentist, it was when he switched on the drillbit that i noticed he had only one hand "

  3. Very inspiring ...HL,the X-ray displayed here,is it yours ? I hope now ..ALL IZ WELL !!!

  4. Ohh scary!! What did they do with you? Didnt you feel anything when they burnt that stuff? you must say. Value for money!! :-P

  5. So far haven't needed any dentist but if I do, will remember to take along a person for some 'jaw dropping' conversation.
    Antony is cute, I recommend all dentist have an Antony in their lives to make them happy and entertained. Will make lives easier for us lesser mortals.

  6. Destiny's child
    Unbelievable that they still have people like Antony chettan.

    Scarlet pimpernel
    Read your comment thrice. Didn't get a clue what led you to it.

    All izz well.:D Bless your kind.

    You know a little bit exaggeration adds the masala. Just few fumes come out.

    I envy your good luck. I think your younger one quite able for jaw dropping remarks.

  7. hehehe what an entertainment... the visit to dentist wasnt so painful :D
    lolzzz at the wallpaper one... he really must nt be having any wrk lolzzz :D

  8. Well..i wonder hearing that u were all the time enjoying it..If it was me, I would have become furious..but your habit of perceiving things in the positive way might have helped you..

  9. Ahh youre finally thru..and that too in a entertaining way..sure r lucky KK :)
    Have a great week ahead!

  10. I see am not the only one who thinks Anthony is like the most charming guy ever *swoons like the lady who swooned*. Highly highly entertaining post. loved it.
    yes I think i'll visit my dentist soon :D

  11. Glad you had a not so bad experince in this appointment.

    Antony chetan was a unbeatable character.Comeon, to download a mobile wallpaper , he came all this way????

  12. Never knew going to a dentist could be so much fun. Will try sometime for sure.. :D :P
    It was hilarious. :)

  13. my dentist happens to be our family's son in he is usually vry careful with us..

    keeping patients entertained is indeed a good idea :)

  14. Rajlakshmi
    These peculiar characters- they bring back the Sun to life.

    I think tou too will like to observe as you belong to creative field.

    A New Beginning
    Thanks for the wish. I need some good wishes to see this particular week through.:)

    Antony chetan belongs to an endagered species, people who just go out of their way to do things for others. And I succeeded in instilling courage in you to visit the dentist.

    Unbelievable, but true. You meet these kind once in a blue moon.

    A word of caution. The drill is not hilarious.

    So he knows the story of everyone inside out:D

  15. HAHAHAH Hilarious... Brilliantly amazing lol Post
    * and he fell down from his office chair laughing his ass out ... Ouch! That was embarrasing' - He says to himself*

  16. hmmm....glad the non-stop chattering kept you entertained during the painful tooth job. The Antony guy sounds spaced-out...imagine coming back all the way for a wallpaper exchange! Honestly, I can't stand people chattering over my head, whether at a parlour or a dentist's place!

  17. he he he hilarious.. I must get to dentist myself , never been to one.. I hope my teeth are ok now :)

    and I hope he/she doesnot do that ..I get irritated very soon...but glad it made the pain for u less painful :)

  18. Pratik Gupta
    Don't know if orthopaedics are also as entertaining just in case you ended with few more bones:D

    You inspire me to get into over your head conversations with our friendly programmers on the other side of the partition.

    Join the RGB club, Bikram. You poor guys don't know what you are missing out.

  19. LOLMAXXX...!!!

    That was hilarious.
    I dint kno visiting doc can be that funny. But in this fun read I noticed one thing, you are one great observer.


  20. yeah he knows it all inside out and keeps drilling further :P

  21. Tulika
    There is always a bright side to things:)

    Well equipped, isn't he?

  22. hi

    when i read the post i recounted my own visit to the dentist some times ago. It was not until the last moment that i noticed that the dentist was one armed,and i was petrified.

    i didnt want to offend anybody who read my comment so the discalimer

    hope i am clear now ;-)

  23. Lol...great observation!

    And yea , i have a few cavities and wince each time i eat a chocolate...but too scared to go to a dentist!

    I suppose its time i gathered some courage!

  24. Scarlet Pimpernel
    Crystal Clear :)

    Dash to the dentist before it oozes out.

  25. So the constant yapping kept your mind away from the tension. Good good good! Personally, I do not like this sort of chattering..What if they pulled the wrong tooth out or something???? GOOD GOD!

  26. Hey can you give me your dentist's number? Sounds like a lot of fun! Better than my unsmiling one, at least, even if she burnt off the 'broom' inside your mouth :D


  27. Hey can you give me the number of your dentist? She sounds a great deal better than my unsmiling one! At least your mind is off the tooth and the money it is going to cost! :) Enjoyed the post HL!

  28. Zephyr
    Will get when I do the next broom burning session with her:)