Sunday, February 14, 2010

Boy to Man

As boys they love full length trousers and once grow up, they love Bermudas or shorts

Before they grow moustache they shave everyday and when they have one, they forget to shave.

Before late teens, they find girls weird. By 20s they know only women.

Before they learn to drive, they want to drive cars. After 3 or 4 years, they don’t want to do it anymore. If given chance, they will let someone else to drive.

As boys they always want next size for shirts. And then they go for slimfits.

When are learning to use the bike, they offer to do the local shopping for you, once they get the motorbike they are nowhere to be seen.

In the early twenties, they forget to comb the hair and by late twenties and thirties, they comb it real well as they need to cover gaping spaces.

As boys they listen to mom. As men they listen to wives.

Poor things and they call it a man’s world.


  1. Some observation here. Were you inspired by the antics of your little ones? ;)
    Loved the 'combing the hair part' :D

  2. Very well very beautifully all the stages of a man life...a great content wirh a lovely layout!!
    Superb! :))!


  3. Lol..true !

    Boys lsiten to mom...maybe when they're really tiny.

    My 17 year old brother has partial deafness to some things my mom says!

  4. Very interesting observations, and absolutely true. But we can find the similar shifts of interests in girl's case also.. I hope u would explore 'the girl to Woman' transition in ur next post

  5. OOOHhhh...That was some real evil evil observation!! But Grt grt work!! Revenge post will be written by me for sure :)

  6. Ha ha ha ha.. lol.. :D
    That was awesome! Hope to read about girls very soon. ;)

  7. hahaha so true. one awesome observation post this was.
    totally agree with the bit about finding girls weird before late teens. Now when I look at my younger cousins' social networking profiles I wonder if they were the same boys who went through the "I hate girls" phase :D

  8. Oh my!!! What an observation!! Hilarious...but thinking about it its true right? Funny boys!! Hahahahah

  9. You sure have expressed your observations so well.
    And,isn't it fun and just too natural?

  10. Destiny's Child
    Yes and no. Some of the age groups mentioned are about others I see.

    Nazish Rahman
    Glad you relate to it.

    True. Only boys below 13 listen to mom.

    I will try to:)

    Pratik Gupta
    Looking forward to it;D

    You are in Q.

    There, I told you.

    Boys will be boys.

    BK Chowlaji
    Good to hear that U enjoyed it. And ...trying to post comments on your blog is very difficult for me. The explorer starts shutting down when I try to. Pls chk.

  11. hahahaha..that was some observation..boy v/s man indeed.. :D

    loved the post..

  12. lol!A well researched post I must say!
    Thanks KK!

  13. You are one observer HL,it was fun to read ...when are learning to use the bike, they offer to do the local shopping for you, once they get the motorbike they are nowhere to be seen...This one is my favorite,i have experienced this with my devars....haaaa !!
    Have a great week.

  14. Nice observation!..first we demand that, but once we get it...

  15. Woaahhh !!!


    Really interesting. B)

  16. Neha
    Just in case you did not know;)

    A New Beginning
    Maybe they will award me a PhD.

    Ask your Dewars to read too.

    Each Phase is just fun.

    Thank You . Thank You

  17. Last three were very interesting. :)
    Nice one! :)

  18. Facts of life and funny to the last letter...simply loved it! Beg to differ on the last point though...Bcoz they only "pretend" to listen!

  19. lol! About 'combing hair'- One of my cousins actually used to comb his hair so much for that 'I haven't combed my hair, I am cool' look :-D ..Nice post Holy Lama. Hope you would enlighten us with your observations on 'Girl to Woman' as well :-D Sure it would be equally interesting!

  20. Chandrika Shubham
    Happy you liked it.

    Maybe you are true about hubbies listening to us.

    Novice Writer
    Thou wish shall be granted:)

  21. very interesting.. I am wondering which one do you follow he he he ..

    Loved reading all the points... oooh yes All in a Man's world.. what all we got to go through man...

  22. Uh Oh! I think you forgot. The lama is a female lama. Anyways, happy you enjoyed it.