Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Celebrating 50

This is my 50th post and I would like to celebrate by giving away the Magic Blog award to some fellow bloggers. I like to read these blogs for various reasons. I like:
Insignia for her observations
Neha for her analysis
Aparna for her ruminations
Bikram for his takes on life, situations and customs
silverine for her humour
Destiny's Child for her wide angles and narrow escapes
RGB for her perfection
Karthik for his gift of writing
Anil Kurup for his quests
BK Chowla for his efforts for India
Kavita for information
wise donkey for her intense posts
Tomz for his out of the box posts
Swantantra for her simplicity
Shilpa for her variety posts
Lazy Pineapple for her humour and truthfulness
Sujata for anecdotes & Travelogues
Sana for her pure thoughts
Samvedna for her peaceful views


  1. Hearty Congratulations on your half century!! Cool milestone achievement!! :)
    Looking forward to the Century here, soon!!

    Thanks for the award!! Am truly delighted!! :)
    Cheers :)

  2. Congratulations. Half a century eh? I am sure very soon you would hit 100!!

    A very nice way to celebrate indeed! Thanks much for the award. Very much delighted :-)

  3. first of all, many many congratulations for completing 50's a wonderful achievement :)

    For us, Holy Lama is someone who is very straight forward, witty, simple and a completely entertaining blogger..nice to have found you on blogsphere and it is an honour to have you as my regular reader :)

    thank you for the magic award..really loved it :)

  4. Ha wonderful!!!
    And happy 50.
    Wonderful way to mark your fifteth blog - by appreciating and acknowledging the little things others contribute.
    Keep going

  5. all the best, hope you hit 100 soon and give away more goodies on 100 too:D

    Seriously, Congrats!
    And thank you so much. I am not always intense, just these times and topics:)

  6. Many Many congratulation, i never thought my simplicity will be reflected through my blog also.

    Thanks i am really feeling honored !!

  7. Heyyy Lama.... congratulations and Thank you...Within a short span of time you reached the target 5o..With three years experience, I am still lingering on my thritees..

    Thanks for your award..especially for the way you analysed my posts..'out of the box', that too when my bosses criticising me for not having out of the box thinking..

  8. oh wow...congratulations on the 50th post :)
    thanks a ton for giving me this award..yipeeeee...

  9. Congrats for the completion of 50 posts!! Thanks a tone for the award, I am all excited now, almost as if I have been to a party and going back with a super duper return gift!

  10. Thanks so much lama! Love to read your blog and love being read by you...hope you reach the 500th post real soon! ;) I am going to show off my award on my page :)

  11. Thanks a lot Holy Lama and congratulations on your 50th post.I love visiting your is one of my most favorites .Happy Blogging Rajni (sahi hai kya ??? cheers:):)

  12. My best wishes on completion of your 50th post.
    Thank you so much for the award and I delighted.

  13. Yo! Fifty posts, it is. Splendid! :)
    I've always enjoyed reading your posts. You have a superb sense of humour. :)

    Thanks for the award. Feels so good to be appreciated. :)

  14. 50? That's wonderful. At this rate, '500' is a breeze! And thanks for the magic blog award. I'm jumping with excitement. Will flaunt it on my blog ASAP!

  15. Half a century .. wowo.. ok now concentrate.. write more .. look out for the free time .. use it well.. and TYPE.. soon it will be CENTURY and then a Double and a triple...

    CHAKK DE FATTTTEEEEEEE... yayyyyyyyy :)

    THanks you so much SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH well u can feel my excitement SOOooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for the award ... keep them coming he heheehehhe

    WOWOWOWWOWO I am deeply touched THANK YOU..
    jaldi jaldi jaldi hurry .. another 50 thats it .. not more another 50 NO 49 actually :) cause in 50ht from now I might get another AWARD ha hahahaha did i tell you i am greedy :)

    I will grab it with both hands legs everything :)

  16. congrats on your 50th post ! wish u a century soon! and thanks for giving me an award that too for peaceful views..I keep hearing that I have very radical views:)

  17. Many many congratulations on comepleting half a century. Here's wishing you more success in the hope that you'll reach 100 very soon. Wishing you all the best :).

  18. Thank You for accepting the award.

    Shilpa, Insignia, Neha, Anil Kurup, Wise donkey, Swatantra, Tomz, Lazy Pineapple, Sujata, Destiny's Child, Kavita, Bk Chowla, Karthik,RGB, Bikramjit and Samvedna

  19. Akshay
    Welcome to the party. Hope to see you around often:)

    Shesha Chaturvedi
    Yaayyy. :D

  20. Congrats KK and thanks so much for passing it on :)

  21. A New Beginning
    Thank You. You still call me by cuppa copy name:)

  22. check my blog It is making it more prettier THANK YOU yayyyyyyy

  23. Congratulations O Holy One. You are a really funny commenter and even funnier blogger. Looking at your latest post, I am almost tempted to revive the "Best of this week" section in my blog, so that more people discover blogs like yours (not that you have any dearth of fans :)). But very pressed for time, so had to pull it down. Here's to many more posts with your characteristic racy writing. Cheers!!!

  24. Bikramjit
    My Pleasure:)

    The Holy one is in seventh heaven with this comment. Look whos here, its silverine in black & white. May your blessings come true. Amen

  25. is not possible for your to write?

    and write more often?