Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How do you feel when….

1. At a club party, one of your friends asks you, “Why are your eyes in such a hollow?” And before you can recover, the other one helps out, “Oh! It runs in their family. All of them have sunken eyes!”
Harishchandras as friends is dicey

2. Two weeks after Grandma dies, someone asks you” Amoomayude aavashyam kazhino?” which translates to “Is Grandma’s need over?”
Aavashyam in local language means rites

3. The child is calling you “Dusthi” for not allowing to watch TV and your sister corrects the child, “You should not say that. It is Dustha, not Dushti for woman”
Your sister is studying to be a teacher

4. When you open the door to the newspaper agent expecting to get the bill and all he says is” Cheyathu Upakaramkalluke nanni”( Thanks for all help) and disappears
You helped him get a gas connection a month ago.

5. You had pain and think you have a kidney stone and consult the urologist who tells you that you are dreaming things
A week later, he confirms the analysis of a stone

6. Guests just asks the kids, “How are you at studies”. The smart elder one immediately says,” He(pointing to younger brother) is a outstanding student, stands outside all the while”. Not to be outdone, younger one adds,”He gets zero out of zero”
You get consoling glances from guests.

7. At the zoo, you see a bleeding man( hand almost torn apart) being rushed to hospital. When you make enquiries, you are told – “Sardarji Bhaloo se haath milane gaye the” (Sardar went to shake hands with the bear)


  1. OMG!! I know how you must have felt at all these instances! I truly understand the feeling!! believe me!
    But can I laugh!?! :D
    Loved the 1st, 2nd, 3rd(My first favorite!), 5th, 6th (and this too is my first favorite!!), and 7th!!
    Cheers :)

  2. i would feel differently most of the time..

  3. the 5 th and the 7 th are outstanding,
    The 6 th - I will want me hide under the cot.

  4. well i would havea laugh i guess and the 6th point well thank god he did not say he is OPUTSTANDING student LIKE ME .. cause I was always standing OUT of the class :) he he he he

    and 7th that is bad sardarji pe laga diya joke .. :) chalo bhaloo pe hi ruk gaye nahin to kahin SHER ke cage main chale jaate :O

    nice one

  5. Hahahahaha..Sorry but couldnt stop myself. I know how you must be feeling..Aaaarrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh right?

    I liked the 7th one a lot and the 6th one..Witty!

  6. I am laughing too hard and I already had mother yelling 'switch off that computer'..i must control my laughter. You know that first point, it really is best, said by you :D and the last one too good. With this, Bumbum and Boozy enter my list of '10 people to meet before you die' :D

  7. Shilpa Garg
    Wow, you like almost all of them. Thank You.

    That is what you call a 'different' comment:)

    BK Chowla
    It was a real instance:D

    Anil Kurup
    And nowadays they make low cots, hmmph:(

    But it happened to a sardar, kasam se:)

    Can't spell it out better, aaargggh it is.

    Destiny's Child
    Tell mama it is lama. She'll understand

  8. ROFl.. :D Did these things really happen? Or did you make them up? Either ways, what a great start to my day! Thyankyu! :))
    The last two are hilarious.

  9. Oh those hollow eyes lolz...who needs enemies if ones got friends who do the needful ;)
    and the 6th one has happened to my parents aswell....ha ha!! Now I understand what they must have felt!!

  10. Karthik
    My Pleasure:D

    A New beginning
    Two in one offer- these type of friends:P

  11. ha, ha, he, he, hu, hu, ho, ho...no santa isn't here yet...just can't stop myself from laughing!

  12. ROFLMAO..super cool...loved all of them :D

  13. RGB
    It's Mahabali round the corner.:)

    Nazish Rahman
    You too trying to become a teacher? :)

    Thank You.

  14. Am I allowed to laugh? These are, after all, tragi-comic situations. The "dushti" one had me bursting out!

  15. Neena Sharma
    Have a laugh:D Its on the house.

  16. Had a big laugh!! The Last one was best!!

  17. lol@ "You get consoling glances from guests".
    That was an extremely witty post :D
    and did the urologist get influenced by the movie Inception? ;)

  18. Swatantra
    Happy you are happy:D

    Duh, Have to see Inception first to understand that.

  19. Wonderful anecdotes carefully chosen from the daily life experiences without losing the humourous charm..

  20. sorry i was not just sure on how to reply and i had a kid sitting on my hand:)

    1.Would feel and look like a dragon and spit fire

    2. Amused

    3.Pretend to be irritated

    4.Feel Alive and wonderful:)

    5.Will wonder if i can blame it on someone and get away with it. Would feel trapped then would feel angry with the dr, then would say ok, deal with it to myself and then deal with it.

    6 and 7 feel Oh aaargh:)

  21. hilarious!! I will feel just as you felt, I am sure..esp about the consoling looks from guests about the forthright answers from the kids.

  22. Tomz
    Thank God yu same it the same way I meant it to be:D

    Wise Donkey
    This is awfully nice of you to put your feelings here. Really, I was happy with the earlier comment. Thank You, dear:D

    Booo hoooohooo. You understand it, my dear. Give me a shoulder to cry on. Booo Hooo Hooo.

  23. fifth one is so common now-a-days..one of my friend was having breast cancer and her doctor delayed the treatment.

  24. Samvedna
    This is one job where thse scope of mistakes and delay is next to nil.

  25. hahaha.. couldnt stop laughing for the 1 and 2 :))..nice post..

  26. Unknown
    Welcome here. Couldn't return the visit though, each time I open the page, it hangs and you can only quit with end now.