Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Teaching session

After a long day at the office, I waddle in home.

“I have a hindi test tomorrow”, says the younger kid all of seven.

“Ok I take a shower and then we will sit together. Learn on your own till then”

After a shower and tea, I ask him to bring the notebook

“Have you learnt?’


“Ok Let’s see. What’s meaning of mahal?”

A film buff, he adjusted his hair filmy style and replies, “Poverty”

“What?” I burst out laughing. He looks comic with his antics and one tooth in front surrounded by gaps.

“Now, Read it first and then I’ll ask”

He skims it in a minute and returns the book saying, ‘You ask. I’ll answer all of them”

“Ok What’s the meaning of mahal?”
“Palace”, he pipes up


“I know that “, says he striking a pose. “Condition”.

“Look bumbum, this is no time for fun. Learn it well”

“Ok”and skims through again.

“This time if you don’t answer, I’m going to beat you,” I say making an angry face.

Right. “Mahal?”
Good. “Halat?”

He thinks a while. He doesn’t know

“I’m going to say now. I’m going to say now. I’m going to say now.”

“Say it then”

“I’m going to say now.”

“I’m listening”, I say loosing my patience

“I’m going to say now (pause) I’m going…”

And he was gone. Out of the room.

Now, whom do I teach?


  1. So sweet, he is!! :))
    And I can imagine the scene, "I'm going to say now..." :D

  2. Hi That i cute i am facing the same with my six year old.

  3. I don't only find it humorous, it is very touching and so real.

  4. Teaching the 8 year old for the hindi exam to morrow. And all this is so familiar :)

  5. Lol...bumbum is actually is a smarty..i mean, who else could come up with somethign like, 'going, going,....n voila, gone! :D

  6. I rmbr the days when I taught my young cousin brother some Malayalam lessons..

  7. hahahahahhahaah he is so cute!
    and my heart goes out to bumbum.. Hindi is a cruel subject hmph.

  8. hahhaha..OMG this was hilarious.
    What a cheeky kid :P
    love his attitude :)

  9. So cute!and that pics adorable!!:)
    I remember teaching my brother, while I taught he streached on the sofa and would go off to sleep :(

  10. Insignia
    You bet!

    Shilpa Garg
    You too have a son, no?

    Happy parenting:)

    BK Chowla
    Its real life.

    Best of Luck

    Destiny's Child
    You have been an ardent fan of bumbum:D

    There is no escape when its your kid, cousin is just once a while.

    BumBum agrees with you about Hindi

    Lazy Pineapple
    May you be blessed with cheekier ones

    A new Beginning
    Sleeping student:D

  11. You are blessed with such a cute lil naughty kid!!!!
    totally adorable re!!

  12. Innocent. Yes the first word that came to me after reading the whole post. I always try to make learning a fun for kids while teaching, because young minds are looking for fun, for them its hard to sit calmly and practice patience and for us there is no way other than patience. :)

    P.S. I just remember i was also a problematic kid, always frisky, that's what motivates me to be patient..

  13. Jaunty Anima
    Haan re. Badi mushkil main hoon re.

    Shesha Chaturvedi
    I just wonder at the teachers' patience. Just think controlling a pack of these kinds in a class and making them learn.

  14. Hah, bum-bum and his antics never fail to amuse! Reminds me of my teaching sessions with Ann :p

  15. Bicharaa ...:)..hehehe..still laughing..:)

    last few lines are sooo nicley put..well done..P)

  16. hahahaha :D ... thats so sweet :D

  17. RGB
    Write something about Ann:)

    Being Promoda

    So sweet...let's see when you are faced with similar condition:)

  18. absolutely.. its tough for them and i guess that's why they have been given place after our parents.. :D

  19. He is so natural...I wish we could let them be.

  20. Smart kid that! It is your fault you didn't get him the Bhargava dictionary! :D

    thanks for landing at my blog. You have a nice one here. good to lighten one's mood!

    And oh, I am sort of a dense person. so I would love it if you could enlighten me about your blog name please! :)

  21. Shesha Chaturvedi

    Neena Sharma
    But we never let them be. We teach, we pass on our views, and...

    Ah! The dictionary...have to check at the book shop.
    And the name of the blog is because I have always been in awe of Lamas and their life and giving away some 'Holier than Thou' comments, I become The Holy lama

  22. What a sweetie! Your story reminds me of Son, never a willing learner but smart as a whip. He's suffering some consequences now of not having been a diligent student when younger. I think a lot of it had to do with giving in to peer pressure. His group of friends were not college-bound, and he followed right along. Sometimes these kids just have to learn the hard way. Gotta love them anyway!

  23. same thing happened with my nephew and he will say..ek minute bua, mujhe pata ha, bus yaad nahi aaya:)

  24. walk2write
    Yep, as you said, we love them anyway. Hope they tread the right way.

    wohi tho:D

  25. Hahahahaha.... :D lol
    Wonderful, wonderful! You must be having a lot of fun, na? Reminds me of my baby brother's (who's ten years younger to me)childhood days. I had total fun then. Still do, but his baby/kiddish days were much fun than his adolescent days, which is now. :)
    By the way, that's he in the pic? Such an adorable little, cute devil! :)

  26. Karthik
    True. You like them best as kids. And yes... it is Bumbum

  27. Nice one .. first of all the picture wowo.. handsone guy there ...

    and he hehehe dont know what ot say poor child or poor you.. Patience is a key i guesss...
    I remember my dad use to loose his patience so much on me ... but he never gave up on me ...

    Nice one and all the best :)

  28. I guess the child showed far more patience.
    tough times for the little ones.

  29. Bikramjit Singh Mann
    Yes, I am a student of patience:)

    Anil Kurup
    Ahaa. That's a different viewpoint.

  30. Hahahahaha....Amazing Kid....the best part wal Palace- Poverty! :P