Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Management of Change

{This post was originally published in the blog That blog members were in the same workplace, and now are in different places except Expresso aka RGB of and myself aka KK in the same place. We form the creative team to a web and sofware solutions firm in Kochi. Cappuccino is Destiny's child of and Latte aka Novice writer of }

"Change is inevitable. Your strength and ability lies in adapting and assimilating as much as you can and delivering according to the changed needs", went on the management guru.

The company had arranged a management class for us. And this exceptional talk was in the post lunch session. Dozing off was not possible because it was a small room and there were only about ten of us from the creative division.

“ We are in the service industry and we can survive only if we meet the customer’s demands. Customer satisfaction is a must”, he droned on.

I was just thinking the type of writing that is expected of us sometimes and how we dread to stoop to that standards. But the next day at office, everyone was game to giving it a try- to change.

So we decided to make a change in our spoken English first and then carry it forward to our written English.

Espresso: let’s in the do.

Latte: yes yes

Cappucino: Change is in the us

Myself :My head is in the circle

Espresso: What?

Myself: My head is in the circle

Cappucino leans over to read something on my desktop and: She is in circle and Iam in the runs

Latte(giggling): Sheesh. You in the go there.

Espresso: Me going meeting moron

Myself: me the thirsty

Suze floats in. “Is that interface ready?”, she asks

We blink. We don’t understand.

She asks again.

She hasn’t changed. The management class has not affected her.

“Tell me when it is ready” and drifts off again

Cappuccino looks at the time, “ Oh no. I see butt of bus”

Myself offers, “ Iam the droppings”
And then corrects, “ Iam in the dropping”

What do you suggest? Is change good?


  1. Lol!!! Change is definitely good, it did get all your creative mind on a thinkin' spreee aint it?

    Learn and apply, even if its gonna change

    Do the do!

  2. Change is good , but to what better or worse?

  3. For survival and growth, change is a must.
    How best can that be done will depend upon the situation

  4. hhehe...hilarious..was laughing my tummy hard :P

  5. I'm the droppings? Ooohahahahaha.. Lol.. :D
    Mindblowing! :))

  6. :D...oh...the good old days....still laughing at the memory of that hilarious 'in-the' practice ...

  7. That was a hilarious account!! :D
    The best was the last one... "Iam the droppings”!!
    Cheers :)

  8. Nice one i laughed a lot ... he hehe the butt of the bus :) hmmmm and the I'm the droppings he hehehe Nice one

  9. post..the last line took the cake :)))

  10. Change is good, specially if it is as funny as your writing :D This reminds me, once I asked a guy in a local train station in Mumbai where the ticket counter was. He said and I quote," At your backside, ma'am."

  11. I am in the remembering clearly that period in the our worrking.

    We sure had fun. And we put an abrupt end to what lasted for over a month, afraid the change would become permanent!

  12. lolz it sounds best when overcuppacopy....loved that blog :)the fact that everything can to an end wasnt a good change :) but nonetheless u guys are superb indiviually too..:)

  13. lol! I love your take :D
    We had a similar two hour session. and then once the session ended the office boy who usually served biscuits with coffee, served us samosas', and that was the first and the last time we saw change at workplace.

  14. LOL...LOL....LOL...Change it completely. I expect all posts from you in this changed form! My standards are pretty low! :D

  15. Blog
    If we do this kind dos, we end up trash. No,Thank You

    Anil Kurup
    This change would have been for worse. Thankfully, we pulled ourselves back from brim

    Bk Chowlaji

    Lazy pineapple
    Did you know that laughing helps you keep trim around the waistline:D

    Good or bad English. Lama tries to help.

    Destiny's Child
    Miss you dear.

    Shilpa Garg
    Happy to bring the smiles on.

    So, you likes the butt.:D

    Droppings topping on cake

    Ram Ram( the crown effect)

    Were we scared to open our mouth after a while!

    A New Begining
    You must have read it earlier too.

    You set the change on

    Can't be. This is 20,000 leagues under the sea.

  16. haha..change is obvious..and need to be this post and the situation...:(...i'm with my mouth wide open..:)

  17. Lol:)..change is mandatory and must be accepted:)

  18. Nazish Rahman

    Being Promoda
    You are the speechless and the spellbound???

    Like this. Ouch.

  19. Change is definitely great if it makes people laugh so much!!hhha really am laughing even now!

  20. funny post!! change is good if it is good for you!!

  21. Sujata
    So you says, we good?

    Now that you gave the option, maybe not

  22. I am the laughing .
    A change like this is de stressing.

  23. Kavita
    Yes,Yes stress is in the change and destress is remaining true to good ol english.

    Pratik Gupta
    I knowed it:D