Monday, August 24, 2009

Karate kid

It was 8 pm. I had some doubts about a subject and wanted to discuss with friend living three streets away. So, I started to walk down to her house. There was absolutely no one on the road. I could see two guys on the road ahead, under the lamp post. As I walked on, they started moving towards me. I could see a glint of something in one guy’s hand. I tried to walk clear of them and almost stepped into the drainage canal b the road.

“Don’t move”, said one of them.
Both were around twenty, skinny and looked bedraggled.

“Don’t Shout”, said the other. His voice trembled showing fear.

“Bachao, Help”, I yelled out.” Bachao”

Immediately, the second guy started running. Left alone the guy with the knife was not sure.

I struck a karate pose and yelled again. ( Iam a Bruce Lee fan but one who doesn’t know Karate)

I advanced, he retreated and turned and ran.

I followed him about twenty steps when I realized my foolishness.
What if he throws the blade. I ran in the opposite direction straight to home.
Dad had just returned from the duty. He was removing his boots. He half heard what I said and started off with one boot and chappal on.

There was no sign of the guys.

But the episode got me the name of Karate Kid in the neighbourhood.


  1. Oh my God!! This is an actual incident, right? You are full of surprises! Now KK could actually stand for Karate Kid!!

  2. Haha! Good one Novice!
    KK, you haven't changed. Always ready to surprise and stun, right? :D

  3. I enjoyed the story.I hv seen Karate Kid the four parts and thought something like that will follow.You hv acted with presence of mind in times of danger
    Niccely written
    hv a great day

  4. Novice Writer
    Yeah. It's true. Well, we all have some surprises, like when I discovered your designing talent.

    Destiny's Child
    Self help is the best help:)

    K Parthasarathi
    Yes. I didn't have an option. It was a gamble, but paid off:D

  5. are u kk from the cuppa coffee blog???Hey I didnt recognise u:)

  6. A New Beginning
    The Holy pervades the realm as does truth