Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life (1988)

All through childhood
We were in a playing mood

In the youth
Full of Spirits

But as Youth was gone
There was a lot to be done

And as old age came
To take its place
There was no more grace

The sins and untruths of Life
Played before the weary eyes
And suddenly, we were as poor as church mice

At the end of the Yellowing meadows
Nobody was there except for one’s shadow
The painful countdown
Came to an end by Sundown

Death came at last And they called me Late


  1. I can't believe that you were such a thoughtful child!! Too serious a poem for a...teenager, shall i say?

  2. Wow!! I did not know that you were into poetry! Good work!

  3. Destinys child
    Hmmm I am thoughtful even now

    Novice writer
    Meet the poet.:)