Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Their eyes met
Nothing was spelt
Yet, something was said
Their minds were read

They had parted
They felt it was forced
Something brought them again close
A bond which was not to be loose

The cold wind whistled by
Thought of days gone by
Leaves fluttered past
Remembering their meeting last

They thought they understood each other
But there was a mistake
Now they understood
That their bond was not fake

The Sun shined from the clouds
On the once again happy couple


  1. I like this one! But I didn't get the lines 'they thought they understood each was not fake' if there was a mistake it means, that the bond was fake right? But again, you say, that the bond was not fake...i am sure you had something in mind there...explain plz...:)

  2. THey ad parted thinking they understood each other which they discovered wasn't true. Their bond wasn't fake. Based on real life incident- not mine though

  3. Nice One! I liked the emotions.

  4. Jyothi
    Thank You. Didn't know that went back this far.:)

  5. Well,I liked heading, so I wanted to read it...Whats with the year in the bracket anyway?

  6. It was written in the year shown in the bracket. One of my relatives were separated for long and came together again in the year. Thus, the poem