Monday, July 13, 2009


Success, thou art slippery
And seductive too.
The combination is too strong
For one to ignore.

And when you concede
You rule the head
Make the body strut
And lose conscience of self.

Then to master you
Is more difficult
The failure of which
Leads to a fathomless deep.

O! You never cease to make me wonder
But then, had it been not for you
Mankind would not have prospered.
Salutations to thee, O! Success.


  1. Success is addictive, I agree...
    Nice poem, never knew you were a poet! :)

  2. Well, each one of us have some surprises in store.

  3. Well, It was a nice journey to know The Holy Lama by means of stories, travelogues, poems and what not...

    You have very cheerful, content-ful, fantastic blog for your self.

    I see you are writing less often lately, though I am following you for some time now but never said much earlier.

    All I can say is, I will look for more from the world of The Holy Lama.

    Keep Smiling.