Wednesday, September 10, 2014

God save the snakes in God's Own country

Kerala teethers. No known medicine can save the state. People who used to drink once a while have become dipsomaniacs. Poor Malayali has no will to live. Live for what with a virtual prohibition in place. Come 12th September, the state's innumerable Bars will fade into history. Booze will only be available in 5 star hotels.

The folkore songs will disappear as there will be no singers. It is a cultural blockade. Only one thing is sure. Bootlegging will be the order of the day. Mahe will have tourist influx. The sun , sand and surf will regain its natural splendour with no tourists to pollute.

The snakes in the state will be overworked. People will queue up for a nice sting. God save the snakes in God's Own country.


  1. Prohibition has always evoked mixed reactions.It brings in its wake bootlegging,corruption,illicit manufacture of liquors and tragedy by the poorer folk consuming varnish and such harmful stuff.While the women folk from poorer section would be happy at the restraints to free access to hooch,people who drink daily would be unhappy.This problem has defied easy solution.

  2. I'm not for this skewed prohibition.Two things that will last till the last man and woman is around - Booz and prostitution

  3. Has prohibition ever been successful ? It will only lead to black marketing.I cant even see a political angle to this decision

  4. Oh yeah, the long queues to the beverage outlets are certain to get all those poor ladies who celebrated closure of bars, may have to put up with their homes being converted to mini bars, serving as bartenders for all you know...phew!

    Was the prohibition just another lame political stunt? And how would they compensate the grave loss to the exchequer?

    1. Maybe they are going to legitimize a worse addiction which brings more money ...who knows!