Monday, November 25, 2013

One day at a gas agency

By gas agency, I mean the LPG cylinder or cooking gas agency as we see in India. Kerala, where I live is facing acute shortage of cylinders. One of my cousins runs a gas agency. For the last two months he has heard all kinds of ablatives and cuss words from consumers who wait for long periods.

One fine morning, in walks a autorickshaw driver with a can of kerosene.

" I need a cylinder now or I will set myself afire!"

Cousin sprang up shouting, "Everyone, out! Fans off. Fast."

Everyone rushes out. The auto driver is blinking.

Cousin and staff pull down the shutter.

Cousin peeps in through the window, " Go ahead , friend. Do whatever you desire"

"Are you making fun of me", asks the inflamed customer

"No, no. Go ahead. I can't help. The cylinder is in godown, but since you can't collect it, you have to wait for your turn. We have a backlog to clear"

"You should have told me."

"I did last 2 times"

"Ok. Now open up. I will collect it."

Shutter opens. Staff walks in. Fans come on. Auto driver walks out.

Moral: Threats have different effects on different people.


  1. One cannot succumb to intimidation and it was nice to see your cousin called the auto driver's bluff by pulling down the shutters and asking him to go ahead.

  2. Unless,of course,till one feels threats are another form of blackmail

  3. Hope you are not skipping blogging again.
    Your cousin was quite courageous and thought quicker than his customer. If a person is willing to immolate for a gas cylinder well then so be it.

  4. Ha, ha, ha! That was some quick thinking by your cousin, and he sure pulled some courage there, phew!

  5. hahah! that was hilarious :D

    ur cousin did the right thing!