Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A hartal day in Kerala

Today is yet another Hartal in God's own country. We have it for many reasons - national, regional and local importance. Today's Hartal is to wake up Union Government to Give green signal to build a new dam over the Periyar river. With Dam 999 movie in theatres, public fear has reached a frenzy, If the 116 yr old Mullaperiyar breaks, the waters will inundate parts of four districts. The waters will move at 100km/hr and reach the biz hub of Cochin in just 4 minutes and wash everything out to sea. A total of 35 lakh people will be killed instantly. So, Keral needs a new dam while TN is happy with the old one which is in kerala but produces power for TN and irrigates its three districts.

So, we have a hartal. No schools, no shops, no buses. People perceive it in different manners.

As my elder son puts it," What a waste . 10 years of studies including 2 years in Kindergarten and you will be killed by floods"

Or take the case of hubby who played good samaritan to a lady waiting for the non coming bus and gives lift. Immediately the guy at the stop too tries to hop in to the rear seat. Hubby," Hey, you. Get in front"

Ride of 3kms. Girl gets off. The car moves and the guy is trying to open door. But the door of the dear car won't budge. He says," Itoo want to get off"

Hubby asks," Where are you going?"
" I just, ah. er..."
" I will drop youat the place"
"Sir, You are taking me to the police , aren't you"
" I'm not that kind of a guy. I'mm good"
Hubby drops him at the next stop.


  1. Good man your hubby :)
    and well when has govt ever thought of people .. they are all the same no mater what state they rule ...


  2. Enjoy the day.
    Or can you make a difference to this Hartal mania?

  3. These Hartals are a menace! Have had enough of them in Jammu, thankfully none so far in Jaipur!

  4. What kind of hartal is this? Guess they haven't seen the gujjar verson of hartals, the patri roko/todo hartaals

  5. for every single thing thing easiest way to protest is this hartal.,..and we go for easy path.

  6. I hate hartals. They just inconvenience the common man. The politicians are anyway not affected. And, very considerate of your hubby. Well, hope that the political parties will take note.

  7. Hartals were fun during school days...now we feel it as a menace. I think Kerala has the maximum hartals in the country.

  8. Aaah talk about it. Such an inconvenience. Thats why probably Nepal publishes fixed dates in a year for hartals. Nice no? :P

  9. I like the way your elder son thinks! :-)

  10. Bikramjit
    Good man mistaken for policeman. Hope Kerala's ministers get the Union govtt to nod for anew dam.

    Anil Kurup
    Precisely what I did

    Tarun Goel
    Yeah we have peaceful versions here

    When did you move to Jaipur?

    We used the weapon too much that it has become blunt

    Hartal is an inconvenience. But if Dam breaks while full, it will be very convenient as all of will reach whether we like it or not.

    Welcome here. True, it's fun for kids.

    That is far sightedness:P

    You're the only one who read that perception:D

  11. It was a convenient day when I think of it now. I was working from home so got up at 10, started worked at 11 and logged out at 7. Not to mention extended googling, facebooking, blog hopping etc etc. :p

    Bussy is so, so right! Tell him I agree!

  12. Redefining Oblivion wishes you a Very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Purposeful 2012, and beyond.

  13. Those who initiate hartals only want publicity,& they get it...i wonder how far their demands are met because of these hartals.
    BTW i am following your blog.

  14. I once again see an 'out of the box' thinking from your son. Super like it :)

    and btw where are you? more posts pliss!

  15. Now why did you delete the palm reading post? I came here to read it and blogger tells me the post doesn't exist. Katti. :X

  16. I read about this Dam and the movie,

    I hope Govt buzz before its too late.