Monday, November 14, 2011

For Your Information

It was almost dusk when my younger son barged home. Angry, he was on the verge of tears. It seems, his big brother had shooed him off the football match they were playing with the rest of the kids in the complex. We had moved in about two weeks ago and the boys had found their friends. I still didn’t know the people beyond the adjoining floors. So, I went along with him to reinstate him and get to know the moms. I found a group sitting on the bench enjoying the breeze, the game and gossip. I joined them.

After a while Mom A stood up and checked the seat of her dress to find that it was wet. The rains earlier the day had seeped into the grooves of the granite bench where she had been sitting. This turned the conversation to the incidents where one felt really uncomfortable.

Mom A, “The time I broke my shoe in Dubai…. We were just going enter this hotel lobby and it breaks”
Mom B., “ Oh! Really”.
Mom A, “ It was so embarrassing and you know that it was The Atlantis. And we had to buy another pair from the adjoining mall and it came to 4000+”
All, “My, My”
Read message: She has been to The Atlantis in Dubai

Now it Mom C’s turn
Mom C, “You know once when we flying in from Singapore, the sandals broke”
Mom B, “How did you manage? Didn’t you sis-in-law make fun of you”
Mom C, “ No. This time I was flying into Cochin not Chennai. I just took it off and walked. It was only Dad who would know me”.
Read message: She has been to Singapore at least twice

Mom B didn’t want to be left behind
Mom B: Nothing will beat my daughter’s condition. She was at this diamond store where she usually goes to and admiring herself in a full length mirror when the damn pencil heel broke. And the guys there were trying their level best to stifle laughter.
Mom A: Did she make a purchase?
MomB: She did. She chose that necklace and rushed to car while I remained to pay the bill.
Tee hee..went all.
But message went across: The marriageable age daughter has got another diamond necklace…any grooms?

By this time one guy walks up to the bench holding a baby
Says he in a feminine voice,”Hi girls(where all of them are on the wrong side of 35)”
Displeasure writ large on their face, the girls return the Hi and get up to disperse.

I had enough of ‘Knowing Thy Neighbours’ session and was relieved with this break by guy-uhhh-girl( not sure about gender)


  1. Oh come on, those girls ( sic) , its only vanity. they breathe that not air as we do. Let them live. ha!!

  2. Materialistic msgs?.But ,isnt that what we see evry day?unkowingly, we are getting into a different life style,artifical may be.

  3. :D Super group to be stuck with! Now this happens everytime I accompany my parents to some get-together or the other, where there are no people my age. But too funny Lama, especially the special appearance by the effiminate guy :p

    Keep posting, missed you!

  4. WHERE you been , tell me that first long timeeeeeeeeee :) how you doing and whats up... and change my link to the bloglist :)

    and you know how busy i was when i was in Vancouver I met this guy who was funny .. then in New york I had bought this nice jacket and now off to Singapore where at the cricket club had some drinks .. and offcourse the stay at dubai ..

    Now you ae confused i can see .. Just trying ot say and tell to all these places I have been too .. come on catch up :) he he he he he


  5. I wish guys bought diamond necklaces too before marriage for their would be wives. We all would be ready to marry them then no? :D

    Bless you is all I can say!

  6. LOL!! Well, you must meet these women, ooops girls more often, you will get lots of masala to share with us!! :))

  7. I guess I'm really stupid...I would just have enjoyed the jokes about the broken shoes without realizing the subliminal message! But how rude of them to just disperse like that!

  8. OOOoohhh....juicy gossip....hahaha!!
    It wud have been fun to read more of it but m guessing u're never going back ;)

  9. Nice to see your amusing post after a long gap

  10. Anil Kurup
    It takes all kinds to make the world.

    BK Chowla
    Khullam Khulla

    Destny's Child
    Child, the world out there..ahhh

    Iam on a sub, surface only now and then. But good see you terrestrial being each time I surface.

    Don't scare me!Guys with Necklaces.eeeek

    Shilpa Garg
    You bet;)

    U have to as crooked as Holy Lama

    Jaunty Anima
    And miss the fun. No chance.

    K Parthasarathi
    You sit back and enjoy:)

  11. Hey.. been long time!!! wow.. grt pleasure to welcome u back..;)

    haha.. it happens with kids..until they get settled well with their frnds.. good job!

  12. Lol:)...this type of conversation is very common in north:)Rather thats all people talk about diamonds,villas etc etc:)

  13. So putting off yet so very common! Idle talk I guess.

  14. You should go more often to meet them. At least we would get to read interesting posts like this! Where have you been for so long?

  15. hahah! that was interesting..all the moms competing with each other!

  16. Being Pramoda
    You didn't read it through, did you?

    Another reason for India 's Unity in Diversity:)

    But gives us raw material for blogging;)

    Of Course, I would and have been. So, no time to blog:(

    Welcome here. True,competition everywhere...