Monday, October 11, 2010

LLCS(Losers Low Confidence Syndrome)

I don’t know whether any other nation has this disease. About 40% of Indians are afflicted by this disease. Even if they are happy that the country is winning some medals at some International games like CWG, they can’t show their happiness. They will make such comments as “Thanks to Kalmadi, we scared the better sportspersons so that we can win some medals”.

The disease afflicts a lot of prominent mediapersons too. They don’t seem to be happy at all. Charu Sharma on DD Sports was commenting, “Saare medal thodhi na lene hai. Doosare desh bhi aaye hain”. That’s real good spirit booster. Let others take the medals and we just compete seems to be his mantra.

Barkha Dutt was asking someone for his opinion on the Ayodhya verdict and she phrased the question, “How has this verdict disappointed you?” The likes of her won’t let the nation move on.

I hope someone finds some medicine soon for this dangerous disease.


  1. You said it!! The likes of BD, CS truly suffer from LLCS!! (nice name you have given!) These guys force words down people's throats, goading them, leading them...
    And they sure need some treatment for that!

  2. There's only one pill: Kick them where it hurts (until they are cured). And allow those deserving medal winners & participants to take the whining bunch of morons for target practice!

  3. Yes, such pessimists are all around. They can't seem to be happy, and nothing is good enough for them. And, don't get me started about BD. I think most of these guys are trained to provoke people.

  4. You cannot generalise like this though some have vested interests on certain issues.Being jingoistic is no great virtue just as low self esteem of the country's capability is also undesirable.A proper balance is the perhaps the way to go.

  5. Winning medals at the CWG or otherwise and the 'la affair e' Suresh Kalmadi has to be seen in tow perspective. One emaphsise the march of the country forward in the arena of sports while the other a sad reflection of the state of the country in general..
    And Barkha Dutt, she frames questions in a way that will elicit the answer she wants. Another face of Journalism.

  6. Oh well I am totally against the CWG as you will read on my blog, and anything to do with the officials.. I am totally against it ..

    But I do support our atheltes and this is stupid saying we are winning because some have not participated WELL even for that you have to do something , run the RACe.. and moreover most of the medals won by our team have been against the top teams, its only the athletics where people have not come .. So no taking away anything from the Wrestlers,Boxers, SHooters THey have won the gold on there own..

    So I am totally with the indian athletes.. They have put a magnificient show and worked very hard.. to get what they got and THEY DESERVED IT.. SO hats off to them and BRAVO to the athletes ...

  7. Well said.. The world goes both upstream and downstream... don't pay much heed to handful of people as majority is against the deeds of govt. still they are happy and excited with our performances in games. and its fantastic to see that winners are coming from villages where the support and exposure is minimum and they are competing and winning at international level! Hurrah!

  8. LLCS is incurable for some - me thinks !Likes of BD and CS get to my nerve.
    I am very proud of the way India is coming up in CWG.We are doing good.In 2002 Manchester cwg we had 30 golds.From boxing to the shooting ,wrestling to archery we emerged as a strong force then too when all the countries had participated.This time if i am right we have 29 golds till now .

  9. i never knew about CWG nor am i taking any interest right now!!

  10. I agree with KP above: Balance is best. Which probably explains why the political climate in the U.S. is about to change drastically. I can't say that when the Olympics are going on that I'm cheering just for the U.S. team. I root for the country who has worked the hardest and looks the most determined.

  11. There is no medicine for this disease.Yes, one can look at preventive treatment, which is only our voice and vote.
    As for bdutt, likes of her must be boycotted socially and professionally.I have stopped watching ndtv and stopped following her on twitter.

  12. specially on Ayodhya issue ,I felt very bad that media was trying to it thru debates or interviews, and sometimes putting words in politician's mouth.

  13. You said it!! There is certainly no cure for this disease. There needs to be a balance in whatever we say. The people like B. Dutt and A. Roy need to be ignored both socially and professionally. It's people like them who push the country centuries behind.

  14. Shilpa Garg
    You can almost see the glee on their faces when something bad has happened and they are happy that they got some new material to chew on for couple of hours.

    Let's give them to Gagan Narang to practise. He scores 600/600

    The more they provoke, the less they evoke respect.

    K Parthasarathi
    I'm not crying for blood neither am I willing to write off what can be mine

    Anil Kurup
    An undesirable face.

    So, you clear LLCS test

    Yes it is so heartening to see the spirit and grit.

    Exactly. India has been bettering its performance.

    Shed the stubborness and watch some action:)

    Balance is appreciated but kill joys and wet blankets aren't welcome

    BK Chowla
    It's a surprise that BD doesn't strike a chord with many

    The media sometimes just wants to elongate some news to stretch few hours of air time. The means they take is horrible at times.

    And then maybe they will film a documentary on what ails the country and why is it so backward...

  15. it's not about being's just that I had never heard about these games's good that they are happening in india, but in my opinion, the same amount of money can be spent behind better education and health..that will help our country more than the "fame" that we are getting out of CWG :)

  16. ya have been reading about this a lot... finally CWG is going good and people are finding some reasons to bash themselves again.

  17. No matter what, that Barkha Dutt will never change. Once a moron always a moron! Somebody should tell her to get a life.

  18. A very quick cure is needed!!!!
    CWG has been great, Delhi is lookn amazingly beautiful and disciplined...Id like to gave a huge round of applause to the volunteers....they're doin a great job!

  19. There are people who crib that the Indian sportsmen never win anything. Then they complain that cricket is the only thing we obsess about and other sports are neglected. Then when we achieve something in the international sports arena, they ignore the contribution and hard work of the athletes. They make me sick. There are some people in my neighbourhood who have never heard of the Commonwealth Games, honestly, what has happened to our people? Where have they been hiding?
    Pessimists make me angry. Specially when that pessimism is directed towards their own country. If you come to know about the cure, let me know.

  20. Neha
    Sports and games are good for nation building. The wole exercise brings the country togetther to compete against others and we know where we stand. Each victory is ours and so is defeat. We try to better the results next time. Performing athletes get state awards too and sometimes this means a lot for the family. So it is worthwhile to have similar events once in a while. Watch some highlis aired at 11.00 pm on DD sports.

    Don't know what pleasure they get:(

    Don't be so harsh. Maybe we still have some hope for the ailing BD:D

    A New Beginning
    There. you can get it direct from a Delhite.

    Will do. R&D needs to work overtime

  21. Bang on, Holy Lama!!!! Kalmadi, Barkha and the likes... let's export them to our friendly neighbour ;-) Blogrolling you (hopped over from Neha's blog btw)

  22. :D I liked that name you coined :-D I suggest you to patent it!!

    Yes, we can never be happy. Media needs fodder, they will go to any extent to force drama and tamasha out of people; the best way to do it; is try negative psychology. Damn them!

  23. writerzblock
    Alas!The friendly neighbour already has its set of resident 'pains'. Welcome here:)

    Good Idea. LLCS stands patented to The Holy Lama.

  24. I have always hated the 'kuch nahi ho sakta' types. Some people just can't appreciate anything. It's time to stop being cynical. BD, CS, anyone hearing the Lama's word?

  25. Destiny's child
    It feels so good to see that many Indians are averse to extreme cynism:)