Friday, October 22, 2010

Case filed

This morning the discussion was coming to the last round. Till now the case had five favouring the decision to have a legal settlement while three others just wanted to wrap the affair. The main hurdle of the whole proceeding is that harm has been caused to a baby just seven months old.

For you innocent folks let me take you through some scenes
1. Young family flies in from USA for a wedding in family. The baby is eagerly awaited as none have seen him yet face to face.
2. The house wore a new coat of paint, the yard was cleaned, the sitout retiled and so on.
3. The boy’s family are let minimum time to hold baby (kissing not allowed ) before wife and kid proceed to her house as it is her brother who is marrying soon.
4. Mum in law and pop in law are pissed off when son too leaves by evening
5. Ten more days to wedding. Many ceremonies before that.
6. Boy’s parents are not good at the traditions and draw amused glances from everyone as they do some silly mistakes. Boy is worried that they are not performing well enough.
7. Pop in law starts acting funny starting a cold war with son. Son vents anger on mom. Mom hates daughter in law for that and DIL has no love for anyone except the baby.
8. Wedding day. Mum and pop in law act as if they are just another couple invited and not partake in ceremonies on the stage. Girl is happy as she gets to meet her friends and relatives after long break. Boy is happy and unhappy at same time but poses for photos. Baby changes hands and finally is left with an eight year old as others are too busy.
9. Baby is found sitting on a chair with some kids playing nearby. Baby has a well chewed bubblegum in his hair, all matted.
10. Pandemonium.
11. Everyone points finger to other for not being responsible. Baby’s head is washed many times but gum sticks on.
12. Baby develops cold and fever in subsequent days and is hospitalized. Son is worried whether they can manage a clearance to fly back.
13. The rift in family widens.
14. The neighbours click their tongues at the situation. They try to be helpful by asking more questions.

By noon, the decision is out. The culprit – Bubblegum makers. The verdict- the neighbours abstain from gum eating for a week

Meanwhile the plane with baby touches down on American soil.


  1. Hahahahaha. Awesome Hold Lama. So the culprit were these gum makers!!

    Hey I hold a secret recipe to make gums without being sticky :-P

  2. The bad things the west inflicted on us ummm?

  3. Yeah get them the manufacturers ... Lets all get together and SUE them :)

    nice one he he he


  4. Some sticky issues these, made worse by the gum and of course, the gum makers! I stick by the verdict, considering that everything else is ummm...rather sticky!! Hee, hee, enjoyed reading the post Lama :)

  5. Ha ha....bubble gum from hair with a bit if coconut oil! But that of course depends on the amount of damage and per human limit of patience! He he
    Shey,I was looking forward to a divorce case!

  6. whats is this ? another Agatha Christie? No..not that much mysterious..but kept the same curios tempo until the last, fully packed with humour..

  7. Gosh!!! All for the sake of a bubble gum!!! Loved the way you took us step by step into familiar territory of MILS, DILS and more!

  8. Lama ji,Let us thank god for the doughnut instead of cursing the holes on it.The baby could have swallowed the bubblegum with the risk of choking but was mercifully left only with a matted hair.An offering of hair to the nearest temple would hv easily resolved the matter.

    The cold war between parents vis a vis DIL and the pathetic plight of son is universal

    I love your posts for the subtle humour.Thanks a bunch

  9. oh my! I thought what must be the matter when I was reading your "case study"!!

    @ Insignia, I wanna know the secret plssss!!!

  10. good, humorous post. They could have tried taking the bubblegum out by rubbing some ice on it :). That way the bubblegum manufacturers would be spared. But, so true of all the finger pointing and anger in Indian marriages.

  11. ROFL :D
    And what was your role? The mute spectator to the melodrama? This was just too funny...still lol-ing...

  12. Insignia
    Non sticky gum? Share your knowledge, dear:)

    Anil Kurup
    Yes, western culture poses problems. If Indian habits remained, the baby might have had a splatter of pan spit only:D

    Shilpa Garg
    I knew you were sensible:P

    That adds one more to the sensible lot

    The diplomat you are, sidestepped sticky issues:D

    Just spreading smiles

    Sorry to disappoint.:(

    Happy to bring on the laughs

    Glad you liked it

    K Parthasarathi
    Does Balaji accept gum matted hair? Maybe I can tell about offering it online. Don't ask me how they do it!

    THese are some of trivial stuff that start off tiffs

    Aha! Ice can do magic, is it? Still the baby would get cold with ice.

    Destiny's Child
    Observing as usual. And we can laugh till it happens somewhere else:)

  13. hahaha so the bubble gum is to be blamed for all the sticky issues

  14. Lol.. Happened in my family as well (to 6 year old, i guess).. but that time the child alone was the culprit..
    solution- another mundan ceremony.. We have good ceremonies in Indian tradition.. ain't we ? :)) :P

  15. Rajlakshmi
    And now a solution for sticky issues.:D

    India has answers for most problems that plague humans. Hari Om

  16. LOL! Loved the humorous take on a typical incident. It's becoming more common isn't it paternal and maternal grandparents vying for quality time with grandchildren as a result of the nuclear family fall out? Glad that they found a foreign hand to blame it on :).

  17. Dreamer
    At least we can blame someone else:P

  18. Hahaha... hilarious. :)
    Especially the bubble gum thingy. I know how it is. I've been the victim as well as the culprit. But then again, it's a baby? Lol.. I can only imagine. :)
    Masssstt post.

  19. ha ha poor baby, the hero of the story with the gum in his hair..lolz Such is life!!
    Loved the post KK!

  20. Karthik
    So babies with gum on hair grow up to be Karthik.? Then it is a good thing!

    A New Beginning
    Glad you liked it:)