Friday, April 9, 2010

What a tight spot!

  1. Tell your foreign photographer friend about an Indian festival and call him/her over for it. As they plan in advance, tell them a rough date to book and when they have done so, tell them 15 days before travel that the festival is already on and they missed it.
  2. Open the door to see a man with a polythene bag and tell him ‘Sorry, we don’t give alms’ and discover he is courier delivery boy.
  3. Give the maid few pieces of marinated fish and she discovers that they are pieces of jaggery you put in the deep freeze long ago.
  4. Take some friends to distant national park of which you have read about and find that the park is closed for the mating season.
  5. Tell a joke about squint eyes to a girl in goggles and discover….
  6. Hearing your cousin from Hyderabad speak, say “What a difficult language Telugu is!” And he tells you that they just spoke English.
  7. Tell a neighbour, just to make them happy that you love their regional cooking and be invited over for a meal where you can’t eat a morsel.
  8. Have a tenant who has a dog named after your nick name. Each time he calls out, both man and animal show up.
  9. Draped in saree, you discover half way into the party that the most important pin has slipped off and the saree is giving away and that chattering aunt doesn’t let you go and introduces to all Tom, Dick and Harry(groom hopefuls)
  10. Visit a relative and tell them your kid doesn’t like bananas and the two year old has at least three.


  1. :D
    5, 6, 8, 10...totally rofl!
    Lama is back, lama is back!

  2. Have a tenant who has a dog named after your nick name. Each time he calls out, both man and animal show up.

    LOLOLOL !!!

    Enjoyed it. Hilarious bit. :D

  3. Haha..3,4,6,9....too good.Thanks for the laughs.I am extra careful in praising regional dishes..once bitten twice shy.Thoroughly enjoyed the post.Have a wonderful weekend Holy Lama.

  4. I have no words.This one is outstanding

  5. ROFL @ 1,3,5,7,8,10!
    N :| @ 9!!!

    Keep sharing such stuff!!

  6. Each one beats the other...Laughing out!
    Good, you are back to form :-)

  7. hahahahahahhaaha...damn damn hilarious :D

  8. Destiny's child
    Thank You for the welcome back note

    You Visualised it, didn't you?

    Tell us about the once bitten story

    BK chowlaji
    Glad you enjoyed it

    Jaunty Anima
    Funny situations- not so when it is happening

    Wishes from friends and inherent madness helps bounce back

    Hee hee

    A New Beginning
    Thank You

  9. the last one is so oft repeated with me, that now i have stopped telling people what my kids like and dont like..i just say "ask them", its so dammned embarrasing

  10. Very very funny...I like 5, 6 and 8 the most..

  11. Ha ha...Good ones....

  12. Sujata
    Very True

    The combination you like:D

    Thank You

  13. ha ha ha haah .. NICE ONES.. I loved the Saree one.. wow now thats a embarassing position.. I had to go through one of those , NO I dont wear a saree.. BUT i had gone to visit relatives in india and I had these trousers I wore , when i sat yeah the NOICE WAS EAR DEFEANING.. anyhow at that precise moment my maasi had to come, take my hand and had HAD to introduce me to this girl.. Makes me laugh though..

    Excellent points ....

  14. Laughed out aloud on point No 6
    Very true......

  15. LOl..tell me about the saree bit!

    Been there , done that.

    You do have a hilarious life going , Lama..

  16. Important lessons learnt amidst all that laughter!

  17. Bikram
    Uneasy situations...

    You Know When they say Tell, it sounds like Cheppu

    Yeah Yeah

    Always ready to learn, good girl

  18. love the list! :)
    and Lol@ 6th.. so true! :D

  19. The last one is so true. My daughters do it all the time. And I cringe and promise to get back at them. Which of course never happens. Sigh, motherhood is tough.

  20. Scarlet Pimpernel
    Aha! So you have horns?

    Has happened to you?

    Getting back at kids, difficult chance!

  21. "Have a tenant who has a girl named same as yours." :(

  22. Advantage: You can gatecrash to meet the girl any time
    Disadvantage: If the girl is a little one, she will at your place all the time

  23. hilarious!

    once i asked my lil cousin not to hog like a pig just before we entered a relative's house. When the aunt there offered this brat a glass of juice, he says, "no no... i will not have anything from here, otherwise sister will scold me after leaving from here"

    Imagine my embarrassment!