Thursday, April 29, 2010

A time in future

Society evolves. What we vouch by today is not accepted tomorrow. Change is continuous. So, we see some definitions change.

Definition of family: Parents and children make the family. But the hitch is, it is no longer compulsory that you must have a father and mother. It can be mother-mother or father- father duo taking care of children, biological, surrogate or otherwise

Definition of marriage: A prolonged live in relationship that stumbled into a certificate session

Definition of a Classroom: Has students who have never appeared in person in front of teacher. The teacher is at least 1000 miles away blinking away sleep as he/ she is in another time zone.

Definition of a vegetable: A variety of a species genetically engineered to grow in colder climates unlike its natural origins of growing in a tropical climate.

Definition of Keeping track: Inject the kids with a chip so that you may track them in a radius of few kilometers.

Definition of higher growth for developing countries: Cultivate single crop that you have no use of, make MNCs buy it and use the money to buy the food you need that has originally been grown by your neighbour, exported to a foreign nation and imported into the country and sold at a higher price.

And discover at the end of it that we are living a life much akin to children playing train. Wee go around in circles and find that time is kind of constant. Past, present and future are just our way of relating to it.


  1. Insightful one Lama...definitions are changing, so are our priorities but in the end we still go around in circles. How ironical!
    Great post :)

  2. Wow.. You been spending a lot of time thinking But yo uare very right .. it is a distant possibility that this will happen.. I remember when i was kid .. STAR TREK use to come.. and in that they used the flip top phone like things.. and look now IT has happened..

    SO things we thought as at THAT time to be not possible is possible now... But along with all the possibilities a lot of things have changed, you need to watch a movie THE SURROGATE.. it got me hooked.. you could actually have your body double doing all the work while you are hooked to it VIA satellite link or something ...

    Its exciting too but sad as well.. thinking all that we are going to loose ...

    As they say its a big cycle so one day it may just go back to GOOD OLD DAYS... :)

  3. The wheel keeps moving as nothing in life is constant.

  4. definition of respect and tradition - I am sure you won't get the answers..

    a thought provoking and hard hitting post..but its all so true!

  5. Wow!!

    Reality!!..and it still hits me like a bolt from the skies!!

    Times evolve but still keep my fingers crossed that they do but for good!!

  6. Thats a very insightful post kk...the times we're living in is very precious, really don't know where the world would lead to...maybe the cycle would have a different phase to it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, have a great weekend!!:)

  7. Circle is such a pure thing. I love the idea of it. Starts and end sat the same place. Nice thought. I am glad we are going in circles, cause its frightening what will happen to families and marriages and the kids if things continue at this pace.
    P.S : I need the name of the company who manufactures those chips. I need to keep track of my family..;)

  8. Reality hit like a bullet. Changes....are inevitable and we keep going round and round :-)

  9. Really insightful article, enjoyed it :)

    Short Poems

  10. Very close observations.God is brilliant...he /she designed us in such a way that we don't live that long enough to see even much more worse changes.Happy Sunday !!

  11. This is not at all in the future..These are happening things in the present..well, as you observed, these definitions may soon appear in the dictionaries ad cyclopedias..
    you have nicely put it

  12. the last time is very thoughful and philosophical... well expressed...
    loved the marriage part :P

  13. Reminds me of Bob Dylan's song 'The times they are a changing'. There are a lot of things that have changed for the better. Change is inevitable. Wonder what's in store for us tomorrow! Nice definitions lama.

  14. Destiny's child
    Thank You

    Let's wait and watch what future holds in store

    BK Chowla
    You remind me of " Main Samay hun" from mahabharat

    Hmmm... Defitions for respect and tradition- difficult

    Jaunty Anima
    Let's hope so.

    A New Beginning
    The new world will have new rules, mores and norms, that's for sure

    I think some Japanese firm is already ready with such chips.

    Change, let's see who gets washed away and who knows to ride the wave

    Marinela Reka
    Welcome to this space. I'm happy to earn a reader as young and as talented as you

    The yugas of vedic scriptures say that our years are are the time of winks in the cosmic time( winking of Brahma's eye- they call it)

    Modern age, change is sometimes engineered. Many forces join hands to bring about a change. May most of us be able to see through the articles about changing society and values published in English and vernacular papers

    The marriages of tomorrrow will have more strict playing fields though it might seem otherwise when viewed as an outsider

    Yep. Hope for the better. And the song, play it if you have it with you

  15. That scared me!! esp injecting stuff into the that what we are coming to?

  16. Errr......Hollywood Calling??? :)
    Amazing Post !!

  17. Oh so thoughtful, insightful, informative and ....hilarious! :)

  18. Sujata
    Soon. We might find mobiles meaningless as peole lie on them. So, only way totrack is chips in body.

    Pratik Gupta
    Thank you. Know someone out there to try me?

    Thanks for the adjectives.:)I'm speechless

  19. Nice to b back to the blogging world!!
    Life is all about this...nothing is permanent here!! Change is only constant here!!
    As it is What was important yesterday may not b important today, What is important today may not b important tomorrow...:)

  20. Swatantra
    Thank You

    Nazish Rahman
    Long time, no see. Where were you?

  21. @The Holy Lama
    was travelling a lot...somehow got a bit busy with some things...but hope to regular from now on :))

  22. hi Lama..

    very rightly said by you. everything needs a change so as definitions..enjoyed reading this..esply abt family.. heheh./.:)

    keep writing..

  23. Nazish Rahman
    Welcome back and hope to see some pics of things you saw while travelling on your blog.

    Being Promoda
    The family part scares me. Think of textbooks for kids with pics like ..., for bigger kids the open education of...

  24. Change is the only constant. But seriously I'm not liking some changes that are happening drastically. The definition of girlfriend/boyfriend used to be "a person with whom you are gonna spend the rest of your life." (or at least this was/is my defn). But now it means something else.
    Wonderful post. :))

  25. Karthik
    Hope we get to see the less drastic ones:)