Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who is a worse miser

And the first prize goes to…

  1. Marimuthu who lifts his dhoti while sitting on the tattered rear seat of a TN Govt transport bus saying, “ Skin if torn will come on again but torn clothes won’t!”
  2. Mathukutty who divides a matchstick to two to light a borrowed beedi.
  3. Local rich man Ouseph who fools invitees to son’s wedding with more sliced chemmeen puli(a kind of sour fruit which when sliced looks the same as chemmmeen or prawns in curry) and less of prawns.
  4. Grocer Nathumal who writes bills only with first letter of goods sold to save ink in pen.Eg: Cha can be chaval or chai.
  5. Devout Ishwarchand who puts off the agarbatti soon after lighting it so that he can use it tomorrow.
  6. Chamanlal, the gas agent who never buys a cylinder and uses the empty cylinders tilting or lying them sideways.
  7. Shiv Sahu who has his dinner everyday at the fruit stalls, tasting one of this fruit and one of that.
  8. Shankar Chaubey who uses a drop of ghee to massage on fingers to show that he had a rich lunch or dinner.
  9. Or the next door neighbour who buys oversized clothes for his kids so that they will grow into it.
  10. Or Mr. Bhatt who is suddenly devout because they are offering free lunch with the Gita discourse

    Please grade them on a 10 point scale.


  1. All of them score more than 10! Mathukutty gets the trophy though. Wonder how he does it!!! :D

    Hilarious KK. Another example of your rib-tickling sense of humour! :)

  2. it feels like the trailer of an upcoming movie with all 10 characters, and the movie weaves in their, that wud b really hilarious!!

  3. lol, the 9th point reminds me of the kid I saw in the morning wearing his father sized school blazer. You should write a story using these characters kk, it'll be a superhit :)

  4. Difficult contest. Each better (or should I say worse?) than the other! Give them all 10 I would say. Loved your post Holy Lama. Totally hilarious! Keep them coming...

  5. Destinys child
    He strikes the match box against the split stick.

    Wonder if someone from Bollywood wants to buy the story:)

    A New Beginning

    Misers in tie. Hmmm. The contest continues

  6. hahah.. my vote is for the '2'... eheheh ... :)

    Good post ..:) enjoying while judging.. :)

  7. They beat each other..very hard to decide but my vote goes to Shiv Sahu...i wonder if he goes to the same fruit market every day ,what would be the reaction of the fruit vendors when they see him coming towards them ? Fun post !

  8. I prefer Devout Ishwerchand for it reminded me of some films sequences..

  9. Being Promoda
    That makes Mathukutty the leader at this point.

    Shiv Sahu has opened account with your vote. And he has a way with words. so the vendors know but let him

    I could take you for a questionnaire about films and perception.:)

  10. The 4th one? No, maybe the 6th one! Hmm..tough competition Holy Lama. Can we just split the trophy into 10 equal parts??

    Hilarious post! :-))

  11. 4th - Grocer Nathumal: I give him 10/10
    And the rest of them between 9.1 to 9.9 :D
    Hilarious post! It reminded me of a friend of mine in school. For working maths problems, he always used two pens. One, a light coloured, and another, a dark coloured. He first wrote on the paper in light coloured pen and later on in dark coloured on the same paper - thereby saving excessive usage of papers. :P Crazy fellow!
    Enjoyed reading the post thoroughly. :-)

  12. oh the first one...loved it...well all are amazing...but I couldn't stop laughing after reading the first one :D

  13. Novice Writer
    Competition is real tough nowadays even in miserliness.

    You have been selected as official judge. Some score scale you have.

    Can't declare the results yet. Misers are in stiff competition.

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  15. Each one is amazing!!! Loved the match stick being broken into two, the chemmen hilarious...Heights of miserliness

  16. LOL!!! Your top ten take kanjoosi to new heights!!! They all deserve to win.

  17. Can't list any films at first hand. But as a film lover, I can imagine many of our favorite comedy actors enacting similar scenes..

  18. Insignia
    We must be understanding. Parting with money is a difficult task

    Sucharita Sarkar
    Welcome here. And yeah we are trying to kanjoos tower- world's tallest building but as case be- no funds.

    Can you be more clear? who acts which miser?

  19. Hmm...Tough competition...I vote 10/10 for the first one.. :)

  20. Jyothi
    Misers 1 and 2 are at a tie for the first place

  21. Antarman & All others
    That makes the final score is
    Mathukutty - 3
    Shiv Sahu - 2
    Neighbour -2
    Ishwarchand -1
    Nathumal- 1
    Chamanlal -1
    Marimuthu -2

    Mathewkutty wins and the prize is a fresh box of matchsticks.

  22. HAHAHA!!!!!

    i think the prize from my side will go to the guy who has lunch at the fruit stall...
    but lemme is definitely bettr than the other.. all are deserving candidates..

    Work from home India

  23. workhard
    With your comment,the competition is open again with mathukutty and shiv sahu tied at 3 points