Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mallus Hindi model 1969

Mr. Pillai at the supermarket, “Chaddi hai?”
Sales girl nods shocked
“Dikha do”
Salesgirl double shocked
Pillai corrects, “ Nikal Do”

Mr Kurien to cobbler, “kitna?”
“Sawa Do”
“Adhai mein karo”
Cobbler nods surprised
Mr. Kurien gives him Re 1.50 after the job

Mrs Nair gets a oriya boy to pluck papaya
Pointing to fruit,” Yeh thodo”
“Panch rupaya”
“Teen mein karo”
Boy climbs up. Mrs Nair is afraid that boy will fall as the tree sways from side to side
“Gir, gir, gir”
Boy looks down questioningly
“Gir, gir, gir”
Boy comes down without plucking
“Woh thodo”
Up goes boy
“Gir, gir, gir”

Mrs Mathew had gone to Kerala suddenly.
On her return, neighbour Mrs Sinha asks,” kya hua?”
“Relative beemar”
Pause. Mrs Mathew thinks for a while and then replies, “Sasur ka uterus nikal diya”


  1. I am out of words...too good...Laughing hard...hahahaha...chaddi one....haha!! :D
    All of them in fact...hahahaha...One interesting lot you've known! :D

  2. I wonder how you come up with such hilarious stories everytime! Especially liked the first one! lol!

  3. Lol!!!! Oh my!! Its great of you to bring in humor. Not many have the guts to do that of their native language.

    Laughing out!!

  4. The last one is my fav...sasur ka uterus.LOLZ.Thanks for this laughter ride..i got to share these with my family(read Husband).

  5. I wont mock them as my Hindi too will look the same..

  6. Destinys child
    I too was laughing while posting bcoz most of them were people I knew as a kid.

    Novice Writer
    Think I have lucky to have heard so many queer incidents:)

    Just a little pulling of leg by the poor holy lama:D

    Happy to bring the laughs on.

    No problem, my dear fellow. It's all story material. Enjoy the laughs later, speak Hindi or any other language and learn it.

  7. hahaha...that was really very funny!!
    Chaddi one was too good!!

  8. hahahahahahahha...damn hilarious...n i second Kavita...the uterus one is too good :D

  9. Hillarious..your post started my morning with a smile..thanx:)..last one is too good:)

  10. Nazish Rahman
    And to think that the poor fellow had no clue why he got slapped

    Only if Hindi had a word starting with a different alphabet for father-in-law, this would have not been.

    It's all about where we start our life.

  11. Hahaha, holy lama this is a riot!you capture the mallu goof ups quite aptly :)

  12. Ha ha!!LOl...and I'll tell you a great of our lecturers was trying to get out of the car, it was raining...she asked the guard to hold her umbrella...
    maam: mera chati pakdo..
    Guard: nahin!!!!
    Maam to other teachers: look at the stupid guard, I told him, "mera chati pakdo and he refused...
    Other teacher: hysterical
    news spread thru the whole college!!!

  13. The "chaddi nikaal" and "gir, gir, gir" were absolutely funny...I'm still laughing my block off! Ok, let me try...I'm going to have a straight face...until your next post..ha, ha!! Oops:))

  14. all of them were die hard hilarious, i find them so funny rite now...imagine in a live situation!! lol

  15. overturned blue shoe
    Welcome here. Happy to make you happy.

    A New Beginning
    Lol on the comment. Good one, enjoyed it.:)

    No chance, dear. You'll burst the moment you see me in office.

    Each time, I post replies to comments, my lips are curved in smile visualiising the situations.:)

  16. After the hate tirade on my post, this came as a breath of fresh air. I am laughing so much, specially on the uterus one, I can't tell you.
    Theres one more for the collection. Before I start, a little tit-bit. A wasp in Bengali, is called 'bolta'.

    A Bengali mother goes to doctor with her small boy,
    Doctor saab, insect kaata mere ladke ko.
    Doctor saab: kaun sa insect?
    Mother: bolta.
    Doctor saab: kya? Woh kya hai?
    Mother: hum to bolta ko bolta bolta hai, aap kya bolta hai?

  17. Aparna
    Doctor saab ki bolti band ho gayi?:D

  18. lol... :P
    This is hilarious. Was laughing hysterically all through the reading. Keep 'em coming. :-)

  19. LOL!!! Some of them really hilarious.. like the first one the best..U ve got good sense of humor

    Work from home India

  20. Karthik
    Just a little fun about my own kind:)

    Hope it eased work pressure on you a bit:)

  21. and this time, i share ur smile. Thankyou for ur wishes for the project...i truly hope it lasts beyond this lifetime.

  22. Swatantra
    Cute little mixups.:)

    It will, my dear. And hope you will see some of the smiles you put on those faces.

  23. Ohh my god you had me splits LOLZZZZZ and i am still laughing... brilliant stuff here :)... hillarious :D