Friday, January 6, 2017

Earthquake Earthquake

I get into these episodes of scientific exploration armchair style. And presently, my studies and research is gathered around earthquakes.

So, I delve through sites and books giving me some information of Mother Earth's  shudders and tremors. Interesting stuff. And being just like an armchair scientist, I yap about my discoveries to anyone whether they are interested or not.

So last Christmas holidays, when I went home, I started off to my dad. He braved for 15 minutes then finally asked me to listen for a change.

He was in Uzbekistan for a Indo soviet tech exchange programme. They were invited to a wedding. The Uzbeks are crazy about Hindi film music and happily the whole team and Uzbeks danced to the bollywood tunes. One wrong step and down went dad. he sprained his ankle.

The Russian interpreter cum guide took him a hospital and he was nicely bandaged and advised rest.So the team was trying to be as helpfu. Dad being lazy, acted much pain. Coffee, food and drinks were brought to bedside. What fun!

Two days later, he was being crooned on . all gang had surrounded him when it started. The table shook a little. the mug fell off. Pause. again it started to tremble. Someone yelled , it is a quake.

Dad was the first person out of the building. He literally flew over a buddy, ran down the steps and made to the clearing before anyone. Others followed, laughing. Some gave him friendly jabs calling him the lazy actor.

So, if an earthquake happens, all else doesn't matters. Find way to open space if you can in shortest time.