Thursday, May 31, 2012

Results Time

Our neighbor could not find his roll number in the results. His teacher who likes him very much went to the new Principal’s room and …

 “How can this happen?”, said the teacher
“ The student’s result is missing”,  he added
“ May he did not appear for the exam”, offered the Principal
“But, he, Dis appeared for the exam. I know”

Now the new Principal looked harried, blinked twice
“But, he, Dis appeared for the exam. I know”, continued the excited teacher

The principal was lost. He tried his level best to keep a straight expression.
“Surely, if he disappeared, he can’t have a result”, he tried to prove a point.

“You don’t understand Sir”, said the teacher seeing the light.
The Principal’s blood pressure now started to rise.

“The student’s name is Dis. He has appeared for all exams”

Few years later, I heard that our neighbor was Dis appointed at the local University.


  1. Hilarious ...what kind of name is this, I mean, Dis! I want to meet his parents. Now!

    1. Dis posed for a photo with them, will send you:D

  2. This is true to the part that there is a guy in the neighbourhood named Dis, rest I added for fun.

  3. hahah another funny post!
    So, does his name cause Dis-stress?

    1. Good one.
      Dis tends his sensitive soul:( Poor guy. And

  4. he he he he now this made me laugh .. thank you so much.

    sorry for being so late :)

    i was dis placed :)


    1. Read your reply today. So it is perfectly OK to be late

  5. I will believe that.
    I had a class mate whose name was "Master India"