Thursday, January 20, 2011

A viewpoint

Son goes for NTSE for class III. It being Talent Search, I did not teach him, wanted to know his take.

Son comes back. He has marked options on question paper.Couple of pleasant and unpleasant surprises and then the question

Q. Select the odd one out
a. Deer b. Elephant
c. Tiger d. Rabbit

Answer marked is Elephant. Asked why so. Pat comes the reply,"Because Elephants don't jump, or pounce! "


"Have you ever seen an elephant jump?", asks he and hops on to the bed to get some sleep.



  1. He is smart kiddo! I think this gen kids are born with some super brain , that we canno't simply manage their questions :)

  2. He he they are clever it took me a second to get answer I thought its tiger rest are veggies and tiger is t the carnivorous hmm but I am sure he is right.

    And glad to see a post

    How are you doing.


  3. Out of box thinking , as they say.He will go places, a bright kid.

  4. I hope that was a joke and a real talent searching question.
    But the kid , he is indeed a kid that will go places.

  5. Smart kid! Was that the right answer? :D I am still figuring it out!

  6. Brilliant! This is something called thinking out of the box. :)

  7. Dear friends,
    I just hope that all of you are on the panel that checks the papers.

  8. And, that is exactly what we must aim for all our kids -- an inquisitive mind and a lateral approach to thinking. Perspective changes solutions; well done to your boy!

  9. There should have been a 'give reason for your answer' column. He is right and deserves and star for this one!How come the adults don't get it?

  10. Meety
    welcome here. read your blog, tried to post comment and was unable to see the box to type in visual identification.Just chk

    Hope the world accepts the perspective

    Let's write to the NTSE panel and siggest the reasoning box:)

  11. I'm offering him a job. He thinks different, that's what we need, don't we?!

  12. such a smart chap! wish he was born a few years earlier! we lack smart men these days :P

  13. RGB
    Bless You

    And I would have got a smart bahu

  14. Kids are not trained to think the way we are! Hence, and in most cases their logic is original and out of the box.. :)

  15. I am already his certified fan. With this he goes a notch higher and I look up to him, even more. I am sure he's going to be a creative guy when he grows up. I just hope the teacher asks him to explain his point of view. His answer is not wrong in anyway! :)

  16. Shesha
    Maybe a reframed question like Point the odd one on basis of food habits might have brought him to think like us. But then we would have missed the fun:)

    Destiny's Child
    He just happens to have a different point of view.

  17. we old timers would answer Tiger, being straight forward. But the new gen kids are more intelligent.

  18. absolutely original.. me likes!
    btw is your son single? he is so adorable :D

  19. Tomz
    But it the old timers who check these papers

    I'm not for child marriage and so he is still single or if the the question was whether I have more of the kind; well one elder to him aged 12