Friday, October 2, 2009

Have you

  1. Heard people on other end of phone introducing themselves as, “This is I” or “It’s me”?
  2. Hear people on the other directly asking you questions about the family when it is really a wrong number?
  3. Been none the more enlightened when a someone replies,”On This” on being asked what he is working on?
  4. Been disappointed on trying the new dress that looked fabulous in the shop window?
  5. Seriously thought that the weighing machine is faulty because it shows a number you don’t like?
  6. Been made to give some incredulous answer on phone when the caller(wrong number) just doesn’t listen and goes on asking questions?
  7. Have been caught thinking hard before an open fridge when you were searching for a pen?
  8. Been advised by others even without asking about what to feed your 1 year old?
  9. Been yelled upon by an elder who repeats” Bring me that” without specifying what?
  10. Found yourself on the wrong direction bus or train?

If the answer is YES to most questions, you live in a normal world.
If the answer is NO to most, try moving to Moon. They have found water on it.


  1. i can resonate to a few...been there, done that and will keep doing it forever!!

  2. I am glad I don't have to shift to the moon. I kinda like the Earth. ;)

  3. As a child I have always dreamt of what life on moon would be like. And now, when there's water, I'd finally come to believe that the vacation-on-moon can work out for me. But your post tells me that they would push me down ruthlessly. Heck! They won't even let me on the aircraft! :((

    That was funny, holy lama! :D

  4. i definitely do not require a journey to the moon as of now!! Happy to live in this "normal" world:-)
    Adipoli post! :-)

  5. Rush
    Happy earthlinghood :)

    "So be it", the lama says and you remain a earthling.

    And where do you belong, earth or moon?

    Destiny's Child
    Tough luck dear. Better luck next life. Enjoy earth now:D

    Novice Writer
    I know you don't need to transfer body, your crazy dreams take you to all places.

  6. 4,8,9 are very common to me, so no luck at moon:)

  7. hahahah.. very tricky post..:) enjoyed it..

    so, i must reserve my space on moon..:)

  8. Well! me destined to be in earth...Very good one Holy Soul...Enjoyed your blog very much!

  9. Dear Holy Lama,
    May be normal;mostly abnormal:)i would like to move to the moon as my life is there.:)
    the rest is GOD'S wish!
    wishing you a great sunday,

  10. Antarman
    So, we continue on earth. Btw, its better out here.

    Being Pramoda
    Ready to be moon being. Do blog from moon too.:)

    A BIG WELCOME TO THE BLOG. And join the club of normal earthlings

    So, you are related to that guy who has a tea shop on moon, eh? No wonder your posts are so heavenly.:D

  11. Irrkk... for me i guess it was 50-50, a close call,did not dare to count the YES & the NO :). But anyway, 'checking out' Moon is not a bad option, for a holiday i guess :P

  12. Lolz...i definitely need to book a ticket to the moon!!!
    Weighing machine is faulty because it shows a number you don’t like...i think most ppl will agree that yes theres something wrong with the machine!

  13. we need a real good flight service to the moon, imagine that!! I think I will transform completely once there into this gorgeous female with lustrous hair and almond!! I am a moon sign you see, and my moods totally dependent on it, i would gladly settle there given a chance, the weighing machine is always faulty with me, the dress on the window of the shop never looks good when i try itr on at home, the jewellerey doesnt shine as bright under the home lights..the list is long...

  14. "I have", to most of it. And glad to be part of this so called "normal" world. Moon? If some of "us" move to moon, then what's the difference. People, whether on earth or moon, will be the same, don't u think!

  15. Mustaf
    And you can be photographed with feet off ground which can be posted in the chronicle blog. But you will have to wait another 10 years, NASA says.

    Nazish Rahman
    So, you too. Hee heee

    None of us are moving to moon. We like it here with the morons. Let there be a difference for the abnormals.

  16. I have no intention of shifting from the good old earth.
    And searching for the pen while keeping the refrigerator open, I so identify with it.

  17. oh I have heard so many of these questions and given weird answers as well...:)

    and wrong direction of bus and train, hmm, too common in mumbai...

  18. Aparna
    Good to know that you will be around. Welcome to the blog.:)

    Welcome here. I know Mumbai and those trains, very difficult to be on the right one and more difficult to get down at the station you want.:)

  19. haha..another proof that I belong to earth and MOON is not my place;));))
    nice post..

  20. wishes Galore
    One more to the pack. Yeah! We remain posted on Earth:) Keep coming.

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  22. oh ... yes to most of them .. so no moon trip :)...

  23. Bijoy
    Thanks for letting know. Will think over and reply

    One more to the earth tribe. welcome to the blog