Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Eternal Truth

Speaking volumes were the silent
Yet, steady undercurrents
Briefing the long life
Were the flowing currents

Ashes of another abode
Scattered on the face
Of the moving waters
Registered a past phase

I witnessed another name
Losing its meaning
Dropping into the ocean
Meeting the omnipresent

Yet we strut, we fight
Selfish of the worldly possessions
When the inevitable is that
None has any in the end

Written on the banks of Ganga where it comes a full circle- Life, death and everything in between and beyond


  1. I read it twice. Because I am quite dumb when it comes to poetry. The first read didn't make any sense to me. The second read did. Beautiful lines...echoing the universal truth. If only, we all realized it....
    Keep penning your musings...:)

  2. Dear Holy Lama,
    the lines speak volumes of eternal truth.with the right kind of awareness n values one can realise the fact that we don't carry anything when we leave this earth forever.
    thanks a lot for opening the eyes of readers.
    happy blogging!

  3. Some moments just grab you tight dont they? And everything is crystal clear at that point in time, am sure this was such a moment for you by the ganges when you penned these beautiful lines

  4. Destiny's Child
    Hope is here. You are changing from dumb to intelligent. Yahoo

    I like the eye opening part of the comment. A halo has grown around my head. Thank You

    Just one of the times when there are flashes of sanity.

  5. lines of great wisdom there..even i feel like writing poetry now!! good work!:-)

  6. loved ur poetry...so true, nothing is ours..even when we are alive, even after death..and yet we indulge in the illusion, we are driven in craziness and the cycle of birth, illusion, death continues...

  7. Beautiful:)you've brough out the truth of life which many fail to understand.

  8. Novice Writer
    Looking forward to some poems by you.;)

    BUt it is fun while it lasts. Just think of all those bad times you had, now you feel- were they really that bad. And surprises make life more interesting.

    A New Beginning
    Thank You. Observation and child like innocence helps to take everything in stride. A new beginning is always round the corner.